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No time to blog substantively because I'm off to meet Blog Fu guy. But I do need to put a chuck roast on to cook so we'll blog that, perhaps initiating a new category here in the process.

(And I must say this notion of blogging one's household chores could yield a veritable font of material from yours truly. This could be a new era.)

Title of Project: Joe's Very Easy To Prepare Chuck Roast

Purpose of Project: Get finished and out of the house ASAP

Hypothesis: From start to finish, I can get everything into the crock pot in less than five minutes


1). Take all of the following ingredients out of the refrigerator, shopping bags, kitchen cabinet, or wherever else they happen to be:


Bay leaf
Minced garlic
1 pkg Wegman's stew vegetables (onion, potato, carrot, celery)
1 pkg Wegman's sliced onion and pepper
(If you don't have a Wegmans, you could buy a vegetable "party tray" at any supermarket and use it. Do not use the dip)
1 pkg Sliced shitaake mushrooms
3-5 lb chuck roast

2) Put them all in the crock pot


Total elapsed time between first and second photographs: 3 minutes 35 seconds, including putting dish in sink, spices back in closet and trash in the trash can.

3) Turn crock pot on for 8 hours, low heat.

Stay tuned for updates in about 7 hours.

UPDATE: Not too shabby.


To be a little more precise, and without any risk of hyperbole: It may be one of the best dishes I've ever experienced on the face of this Earth, with a tastiness quotient approaching a Jacob- and -Esau - birthright- sacrifices level of savoriness, a total Biblical three-star cuisine scenario.

A good dish.

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Kevin said:

Is that an MRE chuck roast?

Heh, no but now that you mention it I want one!

No, my mom and I split a half-a- cow every October. It's a fantastic deal, like average $3/lb, locally raised, grass & grain fed (NOT cow-fed).

Plus you get to pick it up at a butchering/ deer-weighing place which is quite a different venue from what we typically experience here in the 'burbs.

f mcdonald said:

That looks delicious! I love rosemary but don't think I've ever used it on beef. Someone needs to ping "I'm Not Emeril".

For when you are really, really in a hurry to get it in the crockpot:

Sprinkle some soy sauce in the bottom of the pot, throw in the roast, liberally (in the best sense of the word) sprinkle more soy sauce on top. Slap on the lid. That's it.

Cook it all day or night. Shred with fork. Thicken the drippings with corn starch (not necessary tho').Serve with rice.

Egad, FM, that is at a whole nuther level of efficiency. Thanks, I will definitely try it.

jacob said:

OK. Since this is becoming the cooking channel I will add in another.
1 Pork loin
1/4 cup vineger
1 cup BBQ
Black Pepper
Red Pepper
1 tsp. Hot Sauce (Tobasco)
all into the crock pot for 8 hours.

Take a for and shred it and you have BBQ. Not as good as out of the smoker, but a lot less work.

Are we going to have a "post you favorite crockpot recipe section". Conservative males should have a repertoire recipes to act as bait for a prospective female. I see this as a public service. Liberals will be exluded of course as I think we got to damn many of them already.

Jacob, I am impressed! We've never talked cooking. Yes I think we could compile a pretty good library here. I'll start making a point to jot down dinner when it is worth it.

Kevin said:

Today I learned what "braising" means.

Ooops. I forgot I'm not supposed to be talking food.

No that's PRECISELY what we are talking about. So what is braising, anyway? I've often wondered that myself.

If perchance you have a recipe please don't be shy.

Robin said:

From (which I swear by) Braising is is a cooking method by which food is browned with fat, then cooked slowly in covered pot with little moisture at low heat for a lengthy period of time. This process breaks down the fiber of the food, enhancing the flavor and tenderizing the meat. A well-covered pot is very important to prevent water from evaporating.

Kevin said:

Exactly right. And if there is more than "little moisture" it's "stew".

"Braising," eh? Veerrry interesting ...

Ron said:

Well, they say that the blogs are one big crock . . . ;)

Seriously, thanks for the recipe. We go to Wegmans (the one in Fairfax) a lot, also.

Maybe one of the Virginia Blog Carnivals should be recipe-oriented.

Robin said:

Maybe we could have a Crock off. C'mon guys it would be fun!

I'm game, Robin.

Howsabout we do something like document our recipes by photographing the prep process, cook, and then descend on some neutral territory like the public library for the taste-off.

Then, after the haz-mat teams disperse and we all bail out of the county jail, we meet at my house for the finale and judging.

Or maybe skip the whole library portion ...

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