Lieberman Taking The High Road

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Today's news the Joe man may be looking to play ball reminded me of this oldie (for us) but goodie.

Joining our gang now would certainly be a lot more dramatic than if he had simply done it in January when the session started. And who knows, there may be matters of principle involved. But going from Al Gore's running mate to a Republican seems like quite a leap. It may not even be possible, based on certain elements of quantum theory.

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Publius said:

All interested parties in a large conservative blog (Sophrosyne):

Here is what is going on. I have set up a list of feeds of all of the conservative blogs in Virginia at The Virginian Federalist, If you are interested in more than this, a raisingkaine type of blog alternative to the left where each person could post let me know, We can do that too.

There may be another possibility in the works, but it will be down the road. Let me know what you all think. And spread the word about the feeds I have set up. If you know of any I missed let me know.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all.


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