Memo to Sue Gazdo

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A point I have tried to make once or twice here is I have some occasional disagreements with the Republican National Committee, among others in the GOP.

I've been a pretty loyal Republican since 1986 when I was 25 - I certainly have not voted for a Democrat since that time - and I have been a financial contributor to the Party since I reached the point of bare financial solvency. About 11 years ago.

But these days ... weellllll ... perhaps I'm not the IDEAL Republican.

Case in point: I received the following fundraiser mailing today, and dang it all if I did not feel compelled to respond in a pointed manner (click to see the full story below the fold): There are four steps in all.

Step 1: Mailing received from the RNC:


Step 2: Engage the Party in debate:


Step 3: Compile a response:


Step 4: Send yet another missive of hope - COD - to my Party's leadership


I'm certain a phone book will be useful to them; I truly believe that. And perhaps, over time, they will learn.

UPDATE: Here's what happens when you bring this to the Post Office:

Me: I'd like to ship this using the business reply insignia as payment.

Postal Worker: What is it?

Me: It's a phone book.

Postal Worker: No problem.

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Ted said:

I guess I don't have any imagination. I just rip it up and throw it away.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

Very good reply. I really don't think the RNC or the Bush administration understands how the loyal rank and file within the grass roots feels about amnesty.

jacob said:

They do NOT WANT to know. When I get the call to give money, I tell them not until amnesty is dead. That means the pinhead in chief needs to come out against it. I am real sure I am not the only one who tells the RNC caller to go pund sand and why. It's Willful ignorance.

By the way, this works, so I recommend everyone do it or something like it (see the update to the post).

charles said:

I don't give money, but I'm for amnesty.

I'm not really for amnesty, but since I'm not for shooting illegals in the back when they are running back to Mexico, I've been told I'm for amnesty.

So rather than fight the label, I'm embracing it.

I don't want to kick out all the illegals. I support a guest worker program. I even am OK with giving them social security if they haven't been using someone else's social security number.

Oddly, while I'm frowned upon in conservative circles (although I'm rather conservative), I have common sense, true conservative values, and a vast majority of americans on my side.

I can only hope that in 2008, I am seen as the face of the republican party, and not Tom Tancredo.

And in case anybody cares, I want to finish the wall, and halt the flow of illegal immigrants. Anybody who crosses now I want sent back immediately.

My reaction to people already here for years, and people coming in now, are diametrically opposed.

Wow, Charles, you are nothing if not a maverick.

Thanks for illuminating the fact that most Americans don't want illegal aliens to be shot.

BTW that group would include Tom Tancredo as far as I know.

jacob said:

Beautiful! Just beautiful. Yuu could also send a brick courtesy of the RNC using this approach. I beleive people were doing that last summer as a hint to the stupid ammoral animals at the RNC.

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