More Feel-Good Stupidity from the General Assembly

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The General Assembly today passed a resolution expressing "profound regret" for Virginia's role in slavery. (The Washington Times article is here.)

I don't get it. One regrets one's own actions, not the actions of others. Did these assemblymen own slaves? Did they pass slavery laws? If they regret being assemblymen of Virginia, then they should resign.

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The last wording I saw made this less puke-worthy.

Expressing regret, rather than a groveling apology, is okay.

I blogged about my regrets that are in the past. Like the fact that Bambi's mother got killed and Old Yeller, oops, I can't even say what happened to Old Yeller - I'm still choked up.

Anyway, the last thing I read was okay. Hope they didn't change it.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:


I think you're right, technically. It would be more accurate to express, "profound SHAME for Virginia's role in slavery." One can be ashamed of the actions of others.

grammatically incorrect, maybe. But I'm sure you'd agree that no harm could come out of this sort of token attempt to denounce slavery.

Jack said:

How about their expressing profound shame for wasting taxpayers' money debating this nonsense?

Kevin said:

96-0 and a unanimous 40 voice votes doesn't sound like much of a long debate.

Loudoun Conservative said:

Well, for once, I agree w/ Stay Puft -- totally.

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