My Reply to the Republican National Committee

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In light of stories like this one:
Debate heats up over Social Security for illegal immigrants,

... this one:
Funding for 700-mile border fence falls short,

... and especially this one:
Border Patrol agent beaten up in prison,

... I thought it might be helpful to summarize popular sentiment toward the leadership of the Party of Mel Martinez.

Here is the short version, which some of you might find handy:

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Kevin said:

Truly you are a madman.

10thdistrictrepublican said:

As long as those who support amnesty are in charge at the RNC, I agree that it is important to give directly to the candidates who support tougher illigal immigration standards and other issues you agree with them.

The higher ups at the RNC might not listen to the grassroots but they will start when the money or the lack thereof stops flowing. Money talks louder than anything else.

Just like in the old days, they need to be bled for awhile.

jacob said:


No Relation said:

Speaking of Monty Python references...

I'm cowering like King Arthur before the "Knights Who Say `NYIIIIIII'".

I also know you can't afford a teleprompter, and if you were reading off of cue cards, you fooled me. That was impressive.

I wish I could say I disagree with you, but based on other issues, I am also losing my faith in the RNC.

Why thank you, sir! No, no teleprompter; it was mostly composed in one of my frequent fits of rage driving home and listening to some more godawful news on the radio about the Republicans ... I think about Bush's "optimism" on getting immigration reform moving with the Democrats in Congress. So I sat in front of the camera and ranted, then edited to make it seem like it makes sense. Presto, anyone could do it.

Rtwng Extrmst said:

Joe you have definitely captured it! That feeling that so many of us have. I think we should find a way to get this linked to Rush, Hannity, or Levin's page. I think it would catch fire! Such a great rant!!

Had Enough said:

Government admits lying about jailed border agents, Inspector confronted on Capitol Hill, says promised 'proof' does not exist

No matter how disturbing you find this information, remember the next time a citizen is being framed it could be you.

There has been a disturbing pattern of judgements against citizens, whether they Border Patrol or Civilian.

Ranchers on the border have been sued and one in particular lost his ranch to the ilegals that he detained on his property. While he was in jail they seized the property against a judgement against him.

Had Enough said:

Mexican congressmen in DC assisting in immigration reform.

Why Are Mexican Congressmen Allowed to Negotiate U.S. Immigration Policy in Washington, D.C.?

In mexico they craft a law to counter every law we pass whether we attempt to enforce them or not.

It has been clear that mexico is running the show here. Don't you think it is time to make it clear that we are not going to stand for this constant deliberate interference.

Had Enough said:

Another Border Patrol Agent being framed.

Had Enough said:

Border agent convicted in 2001 wins verdict reversal

The government withheld evidence against him in his original trail.

People who are trying to stop the invasion from the south have been set-up for awhile now.

jacob said:

I am not sure I trust worldnet daily all that much. I guess I trust them about as much as I trust the NY times. Both have a habit of only looking at the facts that suit them. Has anyone else found an independent line on the matter of framing the agents?

Had Enough said:

Border Agents Framed, confirmed by Congressman John Culberson of Texas.

The ****will hit the fan now!

also on this radio station:

Now see if you see this story on the news tonight, yeah sure!

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