Senator Webb On Sleeping With The Enemy

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An interesting take by Virginia's junior senator:

George McGovern, more forthcoming than most, bluntly stated as much to this writer during a break in taping a 1995 edition of cnn's "Crossfire." After I had argued that the war was clearly winnable even toward the end if we had changed our strategy, the 1972 presidential candidate who had offered to go to Hanoi on his knees commented, "What you don't understand is that I didn't want us to win that war." Mr. McGovern was not alone. He was part of a small but extremely influential minority who eventually had their way.

Via Freep ...

... as a side note, it was written almost ten years ago.

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Jim Webb is probably about the only person (aside from myself) still willing to make the case that our involvement in Vietnam was both just and winnable. I happen to disagree with him about our prospects in the final few years but am thrilled to have such a high-profile figure out there making the case for our Vietnam veterans and for the basic idea of intervention. Thank God Jim Webb won the election in 2006!

By the way, if this is something you are interested in, I strongly suggest reading Richard Nixon's excellent book, 'No More Vietnams.' It's a good way to beef up on the forgotten case for why we got into Vietnam in the first place.

Thanks for the reference, I would be interested in that.

SPMM said:

I thought it was faulty intelligence in the gulf of tonkin combined with an overly active imagination on the part of American hawks who envisioned a global communist domino effect, the establishment of The New World Order, and the Battle of Armageddon drawing near.

(oh, the parallels are painful! ;)

Give me a chance to get drunk and I'll get back to you on that.

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