Virginia Senate Due For Housecleaning

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As we noted last night, the Virginia Senate is in the process of derailing proposed legislation intended to address the negative effects of illegal immigration in the state. A host of good bills were passed by the House of Delegates but the (also Republican-controlled) Senate is effectively depositing them one by one into the circular filing cabinet.

Not to fear, however. The current session in Richmond is merely a trial run for November 6, 2007, when Virginians will have the opportunity to throw the folks who vote for illegal immigration out on their collective ears if need be - and this includes the entire state legislature and many local offices.

HelpSaveLoudoun, among many others, is watching their list and checking it twice, to see who goes in the "naughty" column come November. Some elected officials are cementing their status as we speak by their votes in Richmond; others will make their case for yea or nay recommendations during public meetings such as the ones being held Feb 19, March 26 and April 16 in Sterling.

A piece of legislation still on the table will create a commission to investigate the fiscal impact of illegal aliens in the Commonwealth. Learn about it here and tell your Senator to support it if you think this information would be useful.

Following are reports from the Washington Post and Senator Ken Cuccinelli - one of the very few "keeper" Senators in the state - on the current session in Richmond.

From the Post:

In committee actions this week, the Senate killed bills that would have cut off funding for charities that help illegal immigrants and punished employers who hire illegal immigrants. Senators also rejected legislation that would have made it a state crime for undocumented citizens to live in or travel through Virginia...

Although much of the focus this election year has been on Democratic efforts to pick up the four Senate seats needed to regain control, some political specialists say it is just as likely that conservatives will gain seats. A more conservative Senate, they say, could make it easier for immigration and abortion bills to pass the General Assembly next year.

"This could be a very tumultuous year, and you could walk through 100 different outcomes that could have a lot of consequences," said conservative Sen. Ken Cuccinelli II (R-Fairfax)...

"The Senate has demonstrated time and time again it's pro-illegal immigration," said Del. Jeffrey M. Frederick (R-Prince William). "It's unfortunate -- the people want you to do something about this issue, and the House sent over a whole lot of ideas, and the Senate rejected them in a span of about 60 minutes."

Frederick, who noted that more than a dozen House Democrats also supported the GOP-sponsored immigration bills, said that illegal immigration is not a partisan issue.

From Senator Cuccinelli's latest newsletter (referring to Senator Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax), "Majority Leader Wannabe - MLWB")

If that weren't enough, Mr. Saslaw and I get to see a lot of each other in the Courts of Justice committee. On Wednesday and Thursday, we devoted several hours to reviewing legislation that would help our communities address the overwhelming problem of illegal immigration. Let me tell you, it was astonishing.

I believe that we must uphold the rule of law. When fewer jobs are available to illegal immigrants, then they will have fewer incentives to settle in our communities illegally. Simple enough? Not for MLWB. He was the chief opponent of every piece of legislation that would help the Commonwealth and local governments combat illegal immigration. Should we encourage our police to get training for Immigration Control and Enforcement? MLWB says "no." Should employers be penalized when they knowingly hire illegal immigrants, MLWB says "no." Should local governments check to make sure you are here legally before they give you a business license? MLWB says "no."

Who is MLWB listening to? Well it would appear that the arguments most persuasive to him are NOT from our law abiding citizens, rather, he is listening to the big businesses that came before our committee and blatantly admitted to breaking the law, saying that they needed to hire illegal immigrants. The utter brazenness of some of the organizations opposing these measures is astonishing. We heard from lobbyists for perfectly respectable business groups openly saying they are hiring illegals and they 'need' to continue to do so!

Of course, the same folks that oppose restrictions on illegal immigration also (hypocritically) support hiking the minimum wage. What's the connection you ask? Simple economics. If there are less illegal aliens competing for jobs, i.e., the supply of labor is reduced, then the demand for workers will rise (remember the supply and demand curve from econ 101?). When the demand for labor increases, wages go up! So, MLWB's support for illegal immigration is in direct contradiction to his support for rising wages. But since when did logic matter to a liberal Democrat?

Senator Cuccinelli diplomatically sidesteps the point that Republicans on the Courts of Justice committee were primarily responsible for derailing this and a number of other House-passed bills, although that bald, sad fact underlies the message of his letter. Logic matters little to liberal Republicans as well.

Cuccinelli and a few others excepted, we do need to burn this Senate delegation down in November.

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Ted said:

Speaking of cleaning house, now that T. Davis and Warner have shown their true colors with regard to the Iraq resolution, will any Republican(s) run against either of them?

If so, how would the candidate for the general election be selected, party convention or primary?

No candidates, no housecleaning.

Filing deadline is about 13 April.

From what I've heard the cost of entry is so high ... that I think James is right, unfortunately. I'm not very plugged in, however.

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