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This is what I call blogging. Seriously, these periodic posts by Kevin are excellent primers which truly add to the national discussion.

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Kevin said:

Oh, man. This just in. . .wait'll mid-spring, early summer when I do my artistic interpretation on Global Warming!

Ron said:

WHen I was in high school my English teacher wanted us to do an oral report on a non-fiction book. She wanted us to talk about the topic, not just the book. So I picked beer-making. She was not happy, but there was not a lot she could do about it. I think she downgraded me for having too much "how to" in my presentation.

Kevin said:

Ron, Indeed, there is a lot of "how to". Was your report on "The Joy of Hombrewing"?

Robin said:

Kevin, that just has my mouth waterin'. I wish I had that talent. I do make a mean chili though.

As the proprietor of this establishment, I'd like to say we fully support the 4H- brewmasters program, as a gold sponsor, no less.

The earlier our youth learn to make beer, the less likely they are to abuse it. Or so I've heard.

I also can attest to the fact that Kevin has earned the merit badge. SWB is one of the best I've ever tasted - and believe me, that takes into account quite a number. Hoppy, heavy, bitter yet slightly sweet, every swallow a soul-infesting meditation on life itself, every bottle practically a meal. Like Guiness but with more of a bite, less amenable to quaffing than nibbling.

Damn, I won't soon forget that homebrew.

Kevin said:

Robin, if there was a way to make a fair trade (chili for beer) I'd do it in a heart beat! As for the talent, You too could have that talent. . .

"every bottle practically a meal" ha ha! quite true!

Ron said:


One of the funny things about the report was that it was before Congress re-legalized home brewing.

I did include a lot of other interesting items, such as the fact that George Washington made his own beer.

My father used to do his own home brewing.

Kevin said:

Ron, you are a true American.

Now, were you instrumental in making it so we could only brew 100 gallons a year?

That's a joke of course. Thanks for any help you may have lended to keep the taxes off!

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