Bolling Slams Kaine over Transportation Plan

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The Lt. Governor has a fantastic op-ed in the Washington Times today where he hammers Governor Kaine and the Democrats for their lack of fiscal discipline. Below is a juicy excerp:

Unfortunately, Mr. Kaine and the Democrats seem to think that public revenues are inexhaustible, and that it is unreasonable to ask government to prioritize spending like families and businesses must do.

In addition, they seem to think that the public's ability to pay higher taxes is inexhaustible, but it is not. Today, almost 40 percent of the average family's earnings are confiscated by one level of government or another. That is simply too much.

The people of Virginia want something done to address our transportation needs, but they don't support the massive tax increases that have been proposed by Mr. Kaine and Democrats in the General Assembly.

The people of Virginia expect us to use existing revenues to meet our transportation needs before we ask them to pay higher taxes. If the Democrats don't understand that, they will pay a heavy price at the polls this November.

It really makes me sick to listen to Democrats whine and scream that a possible reduction in the rate of growth of some programs (programs that have experienced unprecedented growth for years while transportation funding was basically nonexistent) is a "cut" and stealing money from children, etc. I am thrilled to see Bolling publicly standing up to their arrogance and deceit.

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Richmond Republican said:

I agree with you whole heartedly on this Sophrosyne, and I commend Lt. Governor Bolling on calling Governor Kaine out on it. Honestly, our enormous general fund is the result of Virginia's wonderful capability to maintain a positive economic surplus. It is entirely appropriate to use some of this surplus for a Transportation Trust Fund, and for Lt. Governor Bolling to rightly point this out. What is not appropriate is to further tax Virginians, who are certainly 'taxed' enough already. It is especially offensive to maintain that using some of the General Fund in this way would be done at the expense of children and the elderly. Please. If Governor Kaine could have his way, exactly when and where would this overbloated spending and taxing end? I suppose I am not surprised. When he ran for Governor, he PROMISED not to raise taxes. I believe he broke that promise in record speed (something like 24 - 36 hours) after he took office. Lovely. At any rate, I am glad Lt. Governor Bolling is in office to look after those of us who do not believe that more taxes and excessive spending are the answer to any problem Virginians face.

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