Clinton Has No Unversal Healthcare Plan

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Despite Sen. Clinton's "we're going to get it done" rhetoric, she won't say what, exactly, she would do. The fact is, she has no plan.

If she had a plan, and cared about the "nearly 47 million people [who] don't have health insurance," she would draft a bill and put it before the Senate now, not wait two years when, she hopes, she will be the President.

This is the same "plan" that Kerry had to get us out of Iraq when he was campaigning. He didn't have a plan then (nor did he propose one after he won re-election to his Senate seat), nor does she have one now.

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Ron said:

I disagree. Hillary has a plan. It's the same one she had in 1993-94. She just knows better than to articulate it.

No Relation said:

Wasn't her plan to become Joseph Stalin? I'm pretty sure it was.

Had-Enough said:

She isn't fooling anyone, She is running for her THIRD TERM!

I have heard the names clinton and bush for much too long.

With almost twenty years of all of them, I've

Had Enough

Kevin said:

I agree.

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