CPAC 2007, Day 1: A bracing start

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Whew. This is going to be amazing. Right off the bat I've made a major - and I mean MAJOR - networking coup here, as one of the fellow bloggers at Bloggers Row is the one and only Captain Ed of the now-legendary Captain's Quarters blog.

You'll be interested to know that the Captain is, despite the lofty status, quite approachable, especially if you sneak up while he is on the phone and get someone to snap a photo real quick before Ed knows what's happening. Works like a charm.

I am 100% confident that before these three days are up, I will exchange words with Captain Ed. That will be cool.

Needless to say, this stealth photo technique will be fine-tuned in the hours to come, in preparation for the "Coulter project."

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Singleton said:

As the legitimate face of our blog, good luck this weekend, Joe. Maybe I'll build the robotic Singleton so I can start making public appearences.

Linda B said:

Looking good!

I'm breathlessly awaiting the results of the Coulter Project.

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