CPAC 2007, Day 2: Duncan Hunter wow's 'em

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Duncan Hunter is on the 2008 map. He woke up the Day 2 CPAC audience with a machine-gun like 20 minute address focused largely on the issues of our misbegotten trade policies, the war and illegal immigration. Did not try to do too much, and he did it very well.

Listen to Hunter's address here.


The result was numerous standing ovations and a huge scrum outside the ballroom with press and audience members seeking additional time with the congressman.

Mike Huckabee, who spoke about an hour later, was by contrast too cerebral and tried to cover too much, and consequently received a more subdued response. (Huckabee was not bad though. That coverage will come tonight).

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Kilo said:

Thanks for the Report!

TheTownCrier said:

CSPAN failed to show Duncan's speech.

You should ask them why??


Main Number: (202) 737-3220

Washington Journal TV: Support Democrats (202) 737-0002
Washington Journal TV : Support Pres Bush (202) 737-0001
Washington JournalTV : Support Others (202) 628-0205


Book TV:
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Be sure to see it here:

Michael Harp said:

Duncan Hunter ROCKS!

Lisa Ostella said:

Thank you for the Audio Joe Budzinski!!!

Cross post:

Lisa Ostella said:

Welcome to my links page Joe!

Thanks again!_______

Dave said:

I'll be linking you too!

Thanks for all the links, Duncan Hunter fans.

He got kind words from both Tom Tancredo and Ann Coulter, which puts him in pretty rarified company.

Joy Bramlett said:

I listened to Duncan Hunter's speech & agreed with every point that he raised!! He is by far the best choice of all the others that are running for President of this country. He's up on the issues and he's patriotic and most of all he loves this country. That's more than any of the others that are Tri-Lateral Union members that wants to connect our country to the International Criminal Court of the UN, and wants to connect us to Mexico and Canada, destroy our currency and sovereignty to make us into the North American Union. Thus, there goes our constitution, our sovereignty and our currency. WHY, would anyone vote for those that are involved in destroying our nation, as we have known it, and love it???

Logan said:

Duncan Hunter has real balls, man! Love that guy.

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