CPAC 2007, Day Two: Team Tancredo shows up in force

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A great turnout by the Tancredo supporters!

First, a quick roundup of the presidential candidates so far.

I just got informed that, as the Sean Hannity session broke about 5 minutes ago, with literally hundreds of people streaming out of the ballroom like an ebb tide through a narrow isthmus, a man and woman stood outside the doors holding clipboards and buttons, vainly attempting to stop someone, anyone. The message? "Students for McCain ... students for McCain..."

This was John McCain's footprint at CPAC.

Tancredo's impromptu appearance before the college kids Thursday night was as good a speech as any of the candidates so far. (Web site here).

Duncan Hunter hit a home run. (Web site here).

Mike Huckabee seems like a decent guy, as does Sam Brownback, but I don't think either of them gives a rat's patoutie about immigration enforcement. Brownback devoted exactly 5 seconds of his half-hour speech to border security. About as long as it takes to verbalize "secure borders."

Huckabee gave the topic about 5 minutes, drawing a parallel between his experience as governor having to jump through all the security hoops at the airport, and the requirements would-be immigrants should be expected to meet in order to be allowed into America. But a person very informed on the issue told me that, with regard to addressing illegal immigration, Huckabee is "slime." Because I am the trusting sort, slime he shall ever be.

Furthermore, like the very nice gentleman Jim Demint (not running for president, just speaking), who spoke Thursday morning, Huckabee and Brownback are talking about the need to revitalize conservatism, to return to core principles, extolling the greatness of all that is virtuous and good, and how it is good, in the end, to be good. Blah blah blah.

I think this is all rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic until the borders are secured and immigration enforcement is in place. If the latter are not accomplished soon, the only virtuous America that will be left to extol will be a wistful reminiscence. If you need your memory jogged on this matter, watch Roy Beck's video.

Rudy Giuliani I missed on the basis of life being too short. He's pro-gun control, pro-abortion, totally untrustworthy on immigration enforcement.

Mitt Romney will get a separate post later on, and we will post the audio of his speech. For now, as the paper of record notes, we can just say it was very well-delivered. Of 27 minutes he devoted 75 seconds to immigration enforcement, but because he does give the appearance of being "flexible," maybe there is hope if that's what it comes down to.

Now, on to Tom.


Everyone knows Tom's main issue. For him, immigration enforcement and border security is not simply an "issue" but a central principle of governance. As you will hear from his address to the full CPAC audience, immigration is not his sole focus but part of a larger concept of culture which might best be summarized as "America is unique and worth preserving." Additionally, as he states at the outset, Tom does stand firmly within the "conservative" movement and he calls into question whether certain others do ... Lot of others, actually.

There was a PHENOMENAL turnout of "Team Tancredo" folks in the audience - a bunch who came over from Virginia just for this event, along with a lot of college students. Sign-and-noise wise, Tancredo had as big a showing as any except Romney, which is pretty amazing since the entire organization is tiny. As in: this one guy, and a couple others of us who helped him carry his boxes in. (By contrast, Brownback appears to have conscripted a small army of students with t-shirts and all varieties of flair.)

Here's Tom.

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Ted said:

Another shameless plug for the Tancredo Yahoo discussion group I set up.

Couldn't figure out how to email you. This is not a comment, but thought you might be interested in this: Leesburg Today - news bias in loudoun

LU=GOP said:

it was a great speech. did you geat to hear Rep Ron Paul? he was great also.

Every time Romney speaks i just sing the flipper song in my head.

Singleton said:

Joe, you didn't put answers for your picture contest.

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