Edwards on the Horns of a Dilemma

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With the resurgence of his wife's cancer, John Edwards is in a very difficult position.

If he stays in, he will be accused of being callous -- that the stress of campaigning may exacerbate the cancer, that his political career is more important to him than his wife. The truth may be that his political career is more important to HER, and SHE does not want him to drop out.

If he does drop out of the race, he loses what may be his best shot at being President. Furthermore, he may be accused of playing the sympathy card for a later run.

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10thdistrictrepublican said:

May God bless the Edwards family. I certainly would not wish their situation on my worst enemy.

Robin said:

I hope all our prayers are with the Edwards family. God bless them and keep them.

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