Endangering Gun Owners? I don't think so.

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Michelle Malkin in The Witch Hunt Against Gun Owners, asserts that the Roanoake Times' publication of the names and addressess of CCW permit holders "endangered gun owners," and that the list was "a convenient shopping list for criminals."

Yes -- it told them which houses NOT to rob, for fear of being killed.

I can understand the fear of domestic abuse victims who are trying to hide from their assailants, but they should take comfort in this: if he saw your name on the list, he knows he is putting his own life at risk if he attacks you. The fear of hot lead is much more effective than a restraining order.

Was it a violation of privacy? Absolutely.

The indiviual who wrote the article and compiled the database for the Times said, "I can hear the shocked indignation of gun-toters already: It's nobody's business but mine if I want to pack heat. Au contraire. Because the government handles the permitting, it is everyone's business."

Seems to me to be a good reason to go to a Vermont-style carry law, where no permit is required to excercise one's freedom.

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charles said:


The thief just needs to wait for the gun owner's family to go to church, where they are not allowed to carry their gun. Since they know there is a gun, and they know the guy isn't carrying it, it must be in the house.

If I have a concealed carry permit, it's because I don't want people to know I'm carrying a weapon. What's the point if I have to virtually wear a nametag saying "I'm carrying a gun".

Robin said:

I have to admit that publishing the names was a bit much. It's an invasion of privacy, just as the publishing of abortion provider's or gay activist's addresses is an invasion of privacy.

Now that being said, there should be safety regulations in place so that certain people can't own guns. Like those who refuse to use safety measures with kids in the house.

Also, a limit should be set on the type of guns as well. Handguns and hunting rifles, I understand but who in sam hill "needs" an uzi?

Kevin said:

Hey Robin,

Here's a link to "prohibited person" laws in each state.


I don't know how accurate they are (I don't know anything about StateMaster.com).

Alabama's law would exclude at least half the people here, I think!

Jack said:


What "safety measures" do you recommend? Remember that a gun is useless if it cannot be accessed.

"Also, a limit should be set on the type of guns as well. Handguns and hunting rifles, I understand but who in sam hill "needs" an uzi?"

An Uzi IS a handgun. A 9mm, too. Not particularly powerful. Pope John Paul II was hit with three 9mm rounds -- two in the chest and one in the head. He survived.

Furthermore, you argue from a misconception, that the 2nd Amendment protects our right to have hunting weapons. It does not. It protects our right to have MILITIA weapons. That means M1s, M14s, M16s, AK-47s, and the like. In U.S. v. Miller, the USSC ruled that sawed-off shotguns could be banned because they were not militia weapons.

Jack said:

You have a good point, Charles, although they are allowed to carry them TO church. However, they are much less likely to have a thief break in when they are home.

Did you know that the rate of occupied home break-ins is FIVE times higher in Canada than in the U.S.? Now why would that be?

Anyway, it is a sad irony, isn't it, that the very first gun law passed in Virginia REQUIRED citizens to take their guns to church.

stay puft marshmallow man said:

anyone know where I can get a cannon? I'd prefer pirate-style, but I suppose I'd take a howitzer as a second choice.

Jack said:

Yes, actually. However, you need a Class 3 permit.

stay puft marshmallow man said:


Jack said:

I have some friends who do Revolutionary War re-enactments. One is a gorgeous 6-foot tall female who dresses as a man and works on a cannon crew. (However, she moved a few years back, so I'd have to work through my contacts to find her again.)

Roci said:

(However, she moved a few years back, so I'd have to work through my contacts to find her again.)

Too bad she doesn't have a CCW, then you would know where she lives... and so would everyone else.

I understand but who in sam hill "needs" an uzi?

Who in sam hill needs many of the things we have today? Who in sam hill are you to declare what other people are allowed to own? Who is Sam Hill and who died and made you queen? Freedom is a wonderfull thing. Try it sometime.

zimzo said:

Ah, it must be spring because the gun nuts of Virginia have emerged from their booby hatches. One of the reasons I moved away was to be as far away from them as possible. Unfortunately, since Virginia supplies most of the guns to the mentally unstable people on the east coast, I was not far enough away recently when one of those lunatics decided to have a little shootout right in my neighborhood. Thanks Virginia!

Try Toronto. You're just not quite far enough away yet.

Jack said:

Give us a break, zimzo. If ANY gun gets north of the Potomac, it can hardly avoid being in the hands of someone who is mentally unstable.

Jack said:

Joe, if he doesn't like the crime where he is, he sure won't like Toronto. The violent crime rate in Canada is twice the U.S. rate. (And as I mentioned earlier, the rate of occupied-home break-ins is FIVE times higher in Canada.) It must be all the guns they have up there.

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