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As promised, I do have an exciting announcement for our readers!

Jill Holtzman Vogel will be live-blogging with us here at NOVA TownHall Blog this Thursday, March 29 from 7:00-7:30 PM. Mrs. Holtzman Vogel is running for the 27th State Senate seat (now held by retiring public enemy #1 Russ Potts). The Republican primary is scheduled for June 12th, and Jill will be squaring off against former Middleburg Vice Mayor Mark Tate.

Jill will field your questions; so please leave them in the comment section below.

UPDATE: The Dems have at least one candidate now. Winchester School Board member Karen K. Schultz has signed up to take on the winner of the Republican primary. While this is traditionally a Republican stronghold in almost all elections, growth throughout the district makes this a race to watch. For details on Schultz, see the NV Daily and the Winchester Star.

UPDATE #2: Stay tuned tonight to see Jill answer your questions!

UPDATE #3: We've begun our live-blog with Mrs. Holtzman Vogel. I'd like to thank her once again for taking time out of her busy schedule to join us.

UPDATE #4: We have reached the conclusion of our live-blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. We look forward to having you back anytime.

As Jill said, she will be answer more questions and email them to me, and I'll do a follow-up post with this post linked to it. There were definitely some extremely good questions asked. Jill did an excellent job, and I'm looking forward to seeing more answers.

FINAL UPDATE (I swear!): I'd like to extend an open invitation to Mark Tate to come on the blog for equal time, and I'll make a formal invitation this weekend.

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Rtwng Extrmst said:


In your personal view, when does human life begin and how would this belief impact your actions as a representative when it comes to issues like abortion, birth control, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia?

Dear Ms. Holtzman Vogel:

The recent Virginia legislative session saw over 10 bills related to ameliorating the local effects of illegal immigration die in committee in the Republican- controlled state senate.

1) What is your position on fixing the illegal immigration problem in Virginia?

2) What can Republican voters do to fix the problems caused by the GOP leadership, such as in the Courts and Justice Committee?

3) What do you think of the legislation passed in Georgia last year, and would you sponsor such a bill next year?


jacob said:

Ms. Vogel,

1. What is your position on 287g?

2. Would you support a bill to provide funding for ICE training for VA State Police? Should the wording of this bill
a. simply authorise the funding?
b. bypass the govenror, and direct the VSP to impliment the training?

3. What part of the VA state budget would you cut?

4. What taxes wuld you cut?

5. What is your position on 'smart growth'?

ACC said:

Mrs. Vogel,

Restricting predatory 'payday lending' was a heated debate during this past GA session, and, from what I've read, no bill made it to the governor's desk. What is your opinion on the legislation that was proposed, and what would you like to see, if anything, done to restrict this sort of usury?

Loudoun Conservative said:

Ms Vogel

It was good to see you at the LCRC meeting. It seeems your opponent had other places to be.

I'm wondering whether you would have voted for the transportation plan as it came out of the conference committee this year and if you would vote for it with the Governor's amendments.

loudoun anon said:

Ms. Vogel;

Did you support the effort to amend the va constitution to protect marriage last fall.

How do you feel about your opponent taking credit for supporting the amendment when some activists involved in the effort or at least two report he did nothing at all.

thanks for your time.

Dear Mrs. Holtzman Vogel,

1. I understand that it's taken a largely GOP-dominated legislature ten years to double the budget of the commonwealth prior to that point.

This sort of betrayal of trust by the GOP "leadership", evident at the county, state, and national level, on fiscal, property rights, social, "borders", and trade concerns, will destroy the GOP's credibility with the middle class, and prospects for its future as a party.

Do you agree? If so, or if not, why do you hold this position? Please provide concrete evidence in support of your view.

2. Could you please compare and contrast time and effort you and your opponent have devoted to issues of importance to the conservative grassroots coalition (anti-tax, socially conservative, anti-illegals, property rights), outside of political campaigns?

If you can tell us when you worked on specific issue campaigns, and what you did, it would be appreciated.

If you can say that you bucked the GOP's spendthrift leadership and not just Russ Potts, you earn extra points.

For the record, like a decent number of the conservatives you and Mark seek, at this point point I am neutral in this race, because I don't see much evidence that either candidate has been an effective advocate for conservative policy, outside of political campaigns.

Thanks very much for taking a stab at these two questions. Hopefully, Mark Tate will have the gumption to do likewise. I'll enjoy asking him the same.

Singleton said:

Mrs. Holtzman Vogel,

Thank you very much for coming on our blog today. I have three short questions:

What is your #1 legislative priority should you be elected, and what legislation would you introduce first?

Finally, what do you think of your democrat opposition?

Jack said:

What's your view on No Child Left Behind?

Jill Vogel said:

Dear Rtwng Extrmst - Thanks for your question. I believe life begins at conception. I am pro-life and I oppose embryonic stem cell research (but not adult stem cell or cord blood research), human cloning and euthanasia. I think that a person's faith and personal beliefs are a great indicator of the kind of public policy that they will support. In my case, my views on life serve as a simple, moral compass that will inform all of my public policy decisions.

ultraconservative said:

Jill, rumors on the blogs have insinuated that you are not prolife or really conservative but rather a moderate saying one thing to moderate groups and one thing to conservatives. Could you please comment. Thank you.

Jill Vogel said:

Thanks to all who have provided such thoughtful and insightful questions. I am excited to have this opportunity to live blog tonight, and hope that I can answer most if not all of your questions. If I don't get to yours tonight, I intend to live blog regularly over the next few months. Also, at the conclusion of this half-hour session, I will attempt to go back and answer the questions that were posted previously if they were not addressed tonight. So thank you again, and let's get started.

Patrick said:

What do you think VA legislature should do to stop illegal immigration? Are you in favor of amnesty for those coming into this country illegally?

Jill Vogel said:

Dear ultraconservative -

I think that this innuendo has been an attempt to draw attention from the true substance of the issues and in fact, the people who know me well know that I have been always been consistent in my views on important pro-life and pro-family issues.

Those who have worked with me over the years have no doubts and I believe the number of great conservatives who have joined our campaign team are a testament to that record.

NovaConservative said:

What insight does your time at the Department of Energy give you when it comes to an issue like the Dominion Power Lines, and energy overall?

Elizabeth said:

Jill, I know this may be an uncomfortable question, but I and many others have looked at both your campaign finance reports and Mark Tate's. Obviously his are out of whack and make no sense. Does it concern you that he had two $10,000 donation from liberal Democrats?

Jill Vogel said:

Dear Joe - Thanks for your questions. I appreciate folks who stay up late and crank out the correspondence at midnight. I will address your illegal immigration question first.

Illegal immigration is clearly one of the most significant issues in this primary. Illegal immigration is a tax issue, a law enforcement issue, an education issue and a cultural issue.

I am a strong believer that we should more aggressively enforce the laws that we already have and crack down on those who incentivize immigrants to continue to break our laws. The legislature needs to establish tough penalties and give law enforcement the tools they need. Other steps the legislature should take include limiting tuition benefits available to those who are here illegally. Likewise, the legislature should prohibit the use of government grants to organizations that provide resources in the form of contributions or other resources to those who break our immigration laws.

Jill Vogel said:

Patrick - While you were writing, I was addressing Joe's same question. To expand on amnesty, I am absolutely against amensty for illegal immigrants. We should not reward illegal activity.

disgustedRepublican said:

The bill on HPV vaccine for girls starting at age 9 has been signed. Do you believe since HPV is not a communicable disease like measles that the gov't should be forcing parents to give their daughter this vaccine?

Singleton said:

My apologies to anyone whose comment does not appear right away. Our spam filter is very active due to the large number offers to sell you pharmaceutical drugs. I am actively pulling all real comments out of the junk box as they come in. Thanks for your patience.

Wincconservative said:

Dear Jill, I am a strong supporter of yours and believe that you are incredibly well-qualified and intelligent and I think you serve as a wonderful role model. My question for you concerns the transportation issues currently being faced in northern Virginia. How do you propose to alleviate the transportation issues on interstate 81 and elsewhere?

rmrepublican said:

My question also pertains to the recently signed bill regarding HPV. Do you agree that this condones sexual activity among young girls? By giving them the HPV vaccine at 9 years old and, assuming the vaccine lasts 4 years, that they will be sexually active by age 13? In addition to this, what is your view on abstinence-only sex-education in schools?

Jill Vogel said:

Dear NovaConservative - Thanks for your question. My tenure at Energy came at a critical time. It was during the rolling blackouts in California and that certainly influences my view of Dominion's position. It certainly makes me more skeptical of Dominion's science. I have seen first hand what a comprehensive and progressive energy policy can do to expand energy reliability and energy sustainability.

We can do more with less by improving technology and expanding into alternative sources of energy. Our knee jerk reaction must not be to rubber stamp Dominion Power's attempt to bulldoze through farmland and erect massive power lines.

Jill Vogel said:

Dear Winconservative -
Thank you so much for the compliment and I appreciate your question.

The only way to provide a long term solution to the transportation crisis is to overhaul VDOT completely. In addition, we need budget reform so that we actually fund the core functions of government and spend on the important transportation projects that we so desperately need to fund. We should be investing in new technologies like high speed rail and capturing economies of scale.

I also support long term public and private partnerships that increase the use of private sector funds, create competition, and inspire innovation.

Jill Vogel said:

Thank you all for your participation in this live blog. My time went a little fast. That will teach me to type faster and be less long winded.

I hope you will contact my campaign as the primary approaches. You can visit our website at votejill.com to learn more about my position on the issues. In the meantime, I will circle back and attempt to answer more of the questions that I did not have time to respond to tonight.

Thank you and good night.

Jill Holtzman Vogel didn't answer half the postings prior to the live blog, including the one about the fiscal profligacy of the GOP's "leadership" in Richmond.

Will she circle back, as she promised?

Can you get Tate up hear for the same treatment?

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