If Britain Goes to War with Iran, Will We

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If the British declare war on Iran over their captured sailors and marines, will the U.S. support them, or will the gutless wonders in Congress abandon our best ally?

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Why we're even bothering with diplomacy is beyond me. They kidnapped British servicemen (and a woman) in foreign waters and have since imprisoned them. The Iranians want a nuke, I say we give them a few of ours. Heck, our Trident missile system is going to be replced in a few years, we better use it up and get our money's worth! All of this, of course, after the SAS get our marines out of there in a ruthless and extrmely bloody (for the Iranians) rescue operation.

As much as I always want to cheer on the British Navy, I'm not so sure that the Iranians were out of line. The British had boarded an Iranian vessel in disputed waters close to Iran. It's sort of like asking what the US would do if a Coast Guard cutter came upon an American ship that had been boarded by the Cuban navy halfway between the US and Cuba. Of *course* we'd have done something for a vessel with our flag, just as the Iranians did.

Believe me, I'd love to see the British Navy out there kicking some ass again. But in this case, the solution should be diplomacy.

As for the US going to war with Iran, us and what army? We have nothing to work with here. We're already over-extended and worn out. All we could do is start an air war that our ground troops couldn't finish. I can't imagine what we would possibly get out of it.

Jack said:

Time for universal conscription. We could use the conscripts for border patrol and port security, too.

spmm said:

after you

Jack said:

I've tried. I was actually accepted to the USAF, but (to show my age) peace broke out in 1988, and the USAF used the fact that I had had three knee surgeries to rescind the offer. I tried the Navy, but the knee kept me out there, too. Then I tried the Naval Reserve, but they wanted a Master's Degree.

Now I am too old.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

...I hear they've relaxed their standards

Jack said:

They have, but they have not raised the age limit to my level yet! (Never mind the weight limit!!)

R said:

Yo Jackson Landers - It was an Iraqi ship that was boarded - not an Iranian one - a very serious factual error on your part.

Hobs said:

Britain needs to ratchet up the pressure on Iran and stop pussy talking them. And most certainly not cave into Iran's demands. I honestly do not see an end to this any time soon.

I am sick of Russia and China trying to protect Iran. Just like they tried to protect North Korea. I don't understand what has to happen before the world realizes that a radical country such as Iran should not be tolerated. Everyone seems to look away and pretend nothing is wrong. Just like in the Dar fur region. I am appalled by the international community that basically nothing is being done to stop this ethnic cleansing from happening.

Iran is no different by calling for the destruction of Israel.

I am personally afraid that this kind of attitude will spell disaster for stability and security in the region. I don't see how the world tolerates a country that denies the Holocaust occurred and calls for the destruction of an entire country (Israel). And they claim that their nuclear program is for "peaceful purposes" Come on for crying out loud. Common sense anyone? Stop turning your heads and looking the other way. Thats how WWII started with Hitler.

President AMA jama dada baba groda (whatever the hell his name is) once he gets his hands on a nuke I am almost certain he will start lobbing them over at Israel and surround countries.

One thing is for certain is that Iran is testing Britain. Testing to see how they would react. And quite frankly not enough is being done.

If military action takes place against Iran, which I do believe may be inevitable in the long run, the U.S. will back Britain 100% of the way. And possibly Israel will as well.

Jack said:

His name is ImaHeadJob.

Hobs said:

ImaHeadJob sounds about right

No Relation said:

Whatever his name is...let me at him.

D.P. said:

It's time for another "regime change" in the Middle East. But let's do it right this time, use our air power to bomb the Iranians back into the Stone Age, then oust the Islamic nutjobs once they no longer have the means to resist.

zimzo said:

Such brave keyboard warriors you are, typing furiously with one hand while your other hand fondles your gun.

Brilliant riposte, Zimzo.

JJ said:

Blair is as soft as those weak sailors, and will not declare war. The sailors should accept torture and say F*** You to everything, and Blair should take action and stop being weak!

Harve said:

Till victory is America's and there is no enemy but,,,peace.

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