I'll admit it...

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I read Raising Kaine. I'm always fascinated with what makes the opposition tick. Usually, it makes me laugh (for unintended reasons), but with two consecutive general election victories, the democrats have to be taken seriously.

However, posts like this make me wonder if they are really ready for primetime. They still seem to be the looney crew that Henry Howell and company led into the wilderness in the '70s, but, in this political climate, we can't rely on their craziness alone to defeat them. The dems' success seems to be solely fueled by the Iraq war, and that issue doesn't seem to be going away any time in the foreseeable future so I'll keep reading RK.

Hopefully, this year, their fearless leader Gov. Timmy Kaine will kill his party's chances to control redistricting by vetoing the transportation bill, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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suburbanite said:

Either pot is alive and well in the self-aware yuppies of edge city, or we are merely seeing the effects of an entire generation raised on Ritalin and tax-schooled by the end results of warring committees. Then again, it may just be that stupid people have reached critical mass again along the track of the generational Buddhist wheel of the cosmic river of the Tao flowing endlessly between Ying and Yang (as tracked on Blackberry and scored with an Ipod, made one through a friends and family plan linked to the Golden Laptop of the Jewel of the Lotus), like, you....like, know? OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...

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