Proprietor Going AWOL

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The next two weeks are my really busy time so I expect to be of little help here ... or far less than usual, to be more precise.

As the proprietor of this blog, I hereby announce I expect no horseplay or grab assin' and I want everyone to behave like the gentlemen and ladies you all are. Drinks, as usual, are on the house for those of age. If you have the need to spit, please use a spittoon, but if it is as a result of wine tasting I question your manliness because I've never understood why a body can't swallow a little more wine under any circumstance whatsoever.

I'll make an appearance or two, but most likely under the most ignominious of conditions (watch for reports at Digital Camel), but will not be back in full force until April.

In the meantime, watch these guys.

Carry on.

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No Relation said:

What's that about drinks on the house?...

Singleton said:

The convicts have taken over the asylum. I'll have a big announcement on Monday.

Robin said:

Nurse Ratchett should start shaking in her shoes. LOL

Singleton said:

Ok, so I lied. The big announcement will be next Monday.

jacob said:

Do we run off with the silverware while he is gone?

Jack said:

No silverware -- he spends it all on gas.

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