Saturday Night Live...What Happened?

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So I finally got around to watching last weekend's SNL on my DVR. I haven't watched the show in years, but I have to admit seeing that Peyton Manning was hosting peaked my inerest. Don't get me wrong, I will be a die-hard Bears fan until the day that I die. But as I've said before, I can't hate Manning just because he beat us in the Super Bowl, as much as I want to. Plus his commercials make me wonder if he's got an acting career in store after his NFL retirement.

So anyway, my point is, what's happened to this show? There were a few times I laughed pretty hard (Manning dancing in the locker room), but for the most part, the show was horrible. The actors seem OK and Manning wasn't the problem...

It has to be the writers. Nothing made me laugh. Sorry, the show just isn't funny anymore. I'm longing for the days of "I gotta have more COWBELL!"

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Rick Sincere said:

Saturday Night Live has not been the same since the original cast departed en masse after the fifth season. It's become hackneyed and predictable, with none of the freshness of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players era.

There was a half decent season in the early 80s when both Christopher Guest and Billy Crystal were on the cast, but as RS notes the show took a quantum dive it never recovered from. They should have renamed it.

Jack said:

To "Saturday Night of the Living Dead"?

Too Moderate said:

Thanks for reminding me of the more cowbell skit...what a great one!!!!!!

No Relation said:

The original cast was great. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I was also a big fan of the Chis Farley-Mike Meyers-Adam Sandler years. I thought the show was watchable while Will Ferrell was on, but it's just been terrible since.

Robin said:

I was a fan of the original cast. I watched a few after that and some things were funny but lately it's just a yawner.

Dev said:

And yet it still gets more viewers than mad tv...Really i just don't understand what people still see in SNL. The original episodes were fantastic but now I'm left wondering who would think this is funny and why.

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