St. Patty's Day parade - Potomac Green

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And a fine day it was! Daytime beer and a walk through the neighborhood are such agreeable concepts.

We had a bunch of the HelpSaveHerndon and HelpSaveLoudoun crew out at Potomac Green in Ashburn today for their first annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

Master of ceremonies Ed Brocke (L) with Sterling district supervisor Eugene Delgaudio.


Aubrey Stokes and Phil Jones of HelpSaveHerndon:

The wild women were out in force.

Floats, oh goodness yes we had the floats.

But the Harp Beer Wagon was the most popular of all. Funny how that works.

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Martin said:

What are there, 12 people at this parade? Who cares?

At least 40 were in the parade itself, and I think the entire Potomac Green community came out to watch it. Over 120 came through the clubhouse afterwards for snacks and beverages. It was a good community event.

But thanks for your comment and question. We appreciate all of our visitors here, regardless of their personal viewpoints.

Martin, you have yourself a nice rest of the week.

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