Stop the Amnesty Bill!

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Act now: Today is the day to call and write your congress person or senator or, preferably, both.

Call the Capitol Switchboard

Background: Word is out the GOP leadership of both the House and Senate are prepared to back the Bush administration's comprehensive immigration reform bill which provides for definite amnesty for the 12 million plus illegal aliens in the U.S. along with some possible enforcement provisions. The reason to be extremely skeptical about the latter is the Bush administration has shown almost zero commitment to any type of enforcement - and besides, without a complete overhaul of USCIS, which cannot even keep track of the comings and goings of current visitors, tracking compliance with any new rules by millions of people is a pipe dream.

They may talk about enforcement, just like they may talk about reforming social security. But amnesty: THAT they can pull off in a heartbeat.

Call your representative or senator today and tell them you oppose amnesty and demand the border be secured and enforcement of existing U.S. immigration law be implemented before there is any discussion of rewarding those who have broken the rules.

Call early and often. 202-224-3121

Here are some additional talking points courtesy of NumbersUSA:

Anything that provides extra greencards to allow illegal aliens now here to remain permanently in the U.S. is an amnesty.

There is no urgency to deal with the 12 million illegal aliens already here.

They are damaging American workers and communities, so it is important to be using enforcement to cause them to go home over time. If it takes awhile that is far better than giving them legal status and qualifying them for extra taxpayer benefits while thrusting them permanently on the American people.

ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT works. More and more reports are arising in other countries that the moderate increase in enforcement here is deterring a lot of people from trying to come here illegally.

Here is some background on the current amnesty bill.

Here is the fax center to quickly send a fax opposing the amnesty scheme.

Here is a story from today's newspaper about yet another company gaming the system and hurting American workers by hiring illegals. More background information here.

Here is a reminder about what happened to American workers who thought they would gain much-needed employment from the Hurricane Katrina cleanup, but were sent packing after the illegal workers arrived.


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jacob said:

Called and wrote. I do not have much hope as from what little I have seen McConnell might go along with this insanity.

Oh well. We are sacrificing the rule of law on the alter of nice. Just as we sacrifice children on the alter of choice. Many gods, no faith. Vanity. it is all vanity.

We are forgetting that 9/11 changes everything. We are turning a blind eye to the migrational flavor of the latest mob coming into the country, as did the Europeans, who are now doomed to becoming Islamic states according to many.

When the west dies, it will have died from a suicide by inches. It will have been driven to its grave by the socialist left. I lay this squarely at their feet.

My ony consilation is that when we are placed under the tyrani of sharia, it will be the aetheistic left that will go the under the knife first. I am destined it appears to be sentenced to dhiminitude(sp?)

When it is gone it is not recoverable. One cannot piece an egg back together. I am sure some socialist, left wing yahoo is going to tell me I am 'hysterical' or some such. The shame is I will have no pleasure in telling them I told you so.

stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

The problem with immigration is that the conservative media only reports the bad news!

hey Jacob, did you get a chance to read that post where I took you to school about political realignments? Snap!

yeah booyyyee!!!

South Coast Today is conservative media?

stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

well, I think "they" (they here being lawmakers) can pull if off in a heartbeat because it doesn't require anything be done.

In my post above, I guess I was referring more to 'numbersusa':

"They are damaging American workers and communities, so it is important to be using enforcement to cause them to go home over time."

Who is "they" in this sentence, anyway? Illegal immigrants in general??

(...nah, I don't really want to 'go there,' but a little brinkmanship never hurt, right boys?)

Kevin said:

"aetheistic left"? Meh! Now, if you said atheistic politicians I might agree.

connie clem said:

i oppose the amnesty bill & demand the borders be sealed off & current laws enforced to keep immigrants out. they don't give us the same courtesy when we go to their countries.



zimzo said:

I would comment on jacob's comment but I'm too busy sacrificing the rule of law on the altar of nice and committing suicide by inches and trying to put a broken egg back together and I'm doing it all while turning a blind eye.

Multitasking is a lot harder than it looks!

Excellent, Zimzo, EXCELLENT. This is developing according to plan.

Jack said:

Good luck with the suicide, zimzo. Let me know if I can help.

zimzo said:

To quote my favorite President:

"Never be petty. Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself."

Jack said:

A liberal that likes Nixon!

I've always wondered why libs hated Nixon. He ended the Vietnam War; he vastly expanded the Welfare State; he normalized relations with China; and he implimented wage and price controls. What's for a socialist not to like?

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