The Emperor's Green New Clothes

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As a follow up to Soph's post yesterday, here is more on the topic of the global warming scam from Melanie Phillips:

Channel Four's devastating documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle has blown an enormous hole in every fundamental claim made to support the climate change obsession - including the claim that the argument is over ....

Moreover, they also testified that the computer models which produced all the forecasts of climate apocalypse were rigged to produce the results that would attract official funds for climate change research, which had increased a thousandfold over the past 20 years; and that any scientists who tried to expose the monumental fraud of global warming theory stood to lose not only funding but also his reputation ...

Read it all.

Call me a cynic, but isn't just about everything, ultimately, about the money?

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

yes, everything is about money. Who do you think's behind the "global warming is a myth" lobby?

Who has the bigger financial stake in global warming being accepted or not? Research scientists or, say, big oil, manufacturing, and agribusiness? That documentary makes the case that scientists need to scare people because their jobs are on the line, but that knife cuts both ways.

on the other hand, there's a company here in Ann Arbor called Eaton, which designs and manufactures the specialized auto parts that allow auto companies to meet changing emission standards. That's +300 jobs as a result of environmental regulations.

Also, this school has a big mathematical modeling department, and I was talking to this guy who's doing research there, and I asked him about this whole global warming situation. He said, basically,

"This is such a complex system that we aren't able to accurately predict how much co2 is a result of human activity and exactly what the effects will be."

"You plug in a bunch of parameters and run a 100 year simulation and the results show that everything's fine. Then you add a few thousand more cars, or another power plant, run it again, and it suggests that we're on the verge of a new ice age."

"The bottom line, what we know for sure is that weather is an incredibly complex system. Tiny changes can have huge repercussions. That human activity is having as least a tiny effect on the environment, and the models show that that's all it takes."

When we build skyscrapers they have to be able to survive a the 1000 year earthquake. The levies in New Orleans are being rebuilt to withstand something along the lines of the 1500 year storm.

No one here can say with absolute certainty that global warming is NOT happening ...if there's only a 1 in 10 chance that global warming is happening, whether it's man made or not, it could cause the deaths of millions of people if we aren't prepared.

Rising ocean levels will cause flooding in the coastal areas, and in countries like Bangladesh, which is only a few feet above sea level. If millions of people have to suddenly flee these places, they'll put strain on unprepared communities on "higher ground"

At the same time, many areas of the world are still closely dependent on weather cycles for their crops and drinking water. When there's a poor monsoon season in India, people die. So global warming doesn't have to result in massive global superstorms to cause deaths, it only has to disrupt weather patterns slightly...

In the west, where much of the world's resources are found, and where public health infrastructures are reasonably strong, we may be in less direct danger, but in our globalized world, it's in our own interest to insure that every region of the world is as prepared as possible to meet the potential consequences of global warming.

Puft, I'm glad you are a scientific guy - it means we have a basis from which to discuss the topic.

I can't jump in now, unfortunately I will be pretty scarce the next two weeks. This is our busy time at work. Come April I'll be all over this one.

Sophrosyne said:


You talk about the human cost of potential natural disasters ... what about the human cost of stopping development in the 3rd world, a clear goal of the climate change alarmists?

The way I see it, on one hand we know at very best a politicized theory has a small probability of being true while there is an undeniable truth that any meaningful action to address this small possibility would have a significant cost in human life in the poorest regions of the world. Simple choice if you ask me.

Does this mean we shouldn't be doing some practical things to reduce our energy dependence on oil and the middle east? Of course not... but the high pitched demands of Al Gore, etc are just absurd.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

"what about the human cost of stopping development in the 3rd world, a clear goal of the climate change alarmists?"

do you really believe that?
To me, THAT sounds like propaganda.

What interest do weather scientists have in stopping development in the 3rd world? It just doesn't make sense.

the huge majority of co2 emissions come out of the west, Europe and North America, that's the focus of environmental movements, not developing countries.

check out this nice little map:

in fact, the developing world is at an advantage in that they can incorporate green technologies into their development, which can both save them money and reduce pollution (villages in rural India installing solar-powered streetlights, or mountainous regions choosing wind power over coal, for example).

In the west, we'll have to overhaul everything, in the developing world, these technologies can be built into the infrastructure as it develops.

besides, if there was some dark forces behind the environmental movement who's real goal was to stop development, there are simpler ways to do it, like labeling the 3rd world as generally "undemocratic," and then pushing the world bank to cut off loans to "undemocratic" regimes, for example.

Kevin said:

With all due respect, that whole angle was near total falsification, Soph. Do you seriously believe that the green people are trying to keep people from industrializing, are trying to kill people in 3rd world countries? Completely bozonkers.

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