Al Qaida-Saddam Connection, chapter 173

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Soon to be nothing even remotely resembling household news is this story about the Al Qaida guy who was formerly a high ranking officer in the Iraq military.

Begging the question the MSM doesn't dare ask: how "formerly," exactly?

Thomas Joscelyn wants to know how much, if any, contact he had with his old patron while waging terrorist war for bin Ladin in Afghanistan.

Don't we all.

Or should I say, "Don't we most."

I can imagine quite a few people who are right now beginning to shriek that this man, this poor abused misunderstood idealist, must not be asked a single question more.

Don't miss this further post on Bush's shenanigans in this matter.

Also, Captain Ed weighs in regarding media coverage of the capture. Which sheds some light on the story as a whole.

Background, here and here.

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zimzo said:

Must. Find. Saddam. Al. Qaeda. Connection. Before. All. Credibility. Is. Lost...

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