Dem for the 27th?

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Karen Schultz, the only democrat running for the Russ Potts seat, started her campaign off yesterday in front of her home crowd in the west end of the 27th. She focused on transportation, education, and health care (aka the liberal trinity).

I'm really shocked that Not Larry Sabato and Raising Kaine have not been pushing Ms. Schultz, and I've yet to see her even mentioned on either page.

What's wrong with this lady that the internet crazies won't get on board?

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eileen said:

I'm only surprised that RK hasn't put it up. Kinda not NLS' thing to do. I think in RK's defense however is that there are a lot of candidates to cover right now. Maybe I should just crosspost my post there.

Anonymous said:

Even the dems know better than to waste money on this district. Holtzman or Tate will crush any dem just based on demographics in the district

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