Funeral In Blacksburg

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The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets site has photos from Wednesday's funeral of Cadet Matthew La Porte, one of the students murdered last week.

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BlackOut said:


Thank you for this link. I would not have seen it without your guidance.

As a Marching Virginian I always considered the Highty Tighties as rivals. After many years and seeing these pictures, which include the HT, I can now marvel at how wonderful the Corp and the HT look. It makes me proud to be a Hokie. Sad to think they lost one of their own.

Yes, it's incredibly sad. The buddy who passed it along to me also said the following:

"If you haven't already, go back to the VTCC site. In the right hand column there is a link for more pictures from the funeral. My son is a cadet at VT and knew the cadet (not a friend but he knew who he was and saw him at breakfast that morning). He said the viewing and the funeral was the saddest thing he's ever seen. Apparently the parents where stunned that pretty much the entire Corps (about 725 cadets) showed up at the viewing on Tuesday."

Robert Morecook said:

I am providing a link which I believe will show up. It is to a slide show of the military funeral for Cadet Matt La Porte and its sequence of events.
Robert Morecook

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