Giuliani Wants Public Funding to Buy Guns for the Poor!!

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Giuliani has reaffirmed his position that, "Ultimately, it's a constitutional right, and therefore if it's a constitutional right, ultimately, even if you do it on a state-by-state basis, you have to make sure people are protected."

Of course, he was talking about the right to murder one's unborn child, not the right to protect oneself from a murderer, but if he is a man of principle, then that principle must hold for our Second Amendment rights, too. Naturally, one could also expect free telephone and internet service to protect our First Amendment rights, too.

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Brian said:

Giuliani would do better on the Democrats' ticket. Nor does he support the 2nd Amendment but thinks its a state issue. Not surprising, therefore, are his recent statements that his judicial nominees, though strict constructionists, would go either way on Roe v. Wade and he believes that its important to have judges who respect such precedent. The guy is totally pro-choice in every since. There's no way he gets my vote, even in a general election.

No Relation said:

The war on terror has almost turned me into a single-issue voter. On that issue, I think Rudy is great. I won't back him in a primary, but if it comes down to Rudy vs. Hillary, it's a no-brainer for me.

stay puft marshmallow man said:

He wont make it. There is a time and place for Rudy. It's NYC, 2001.

Mitt Romneys the only electable guy the Republicans have.

Singleton said:

We all know how I feel on who's electable in '08. Run, Fred Thompson; run.

I think Duncan Hunter's quite electable, if he can get the name recognition and donors. He is excellent on the issues. I'll back he and Tancredo right up till the end.

Pragmatically speaking, I agree with Puft that Romney looks the best right now (best in terms of likely, not quality) But nowadays anyone who can raise half a billion dollars is electable.

Had-Enough said:

Giuliani couldn't remember or recall that his Current Wife was on her 3rd marriage, also his 3rd marriage. This is the same woman that he openly cheated on his 2nd wife with while mayor.

He is now down-playing his relationship with former police chief turned business partner Bernard Kerick. He says he knew nothing of Kerick's mob connections and a number of other things when he suggested Kerick for head of homeland security.

Of course, Kerick had a illegal nanny for his kids among other things such as tax problems.

One of their largest clients was Mexico.

Giuliani already has a problem remembering things even before he would have moved to the white house. We all know there is something in the water or food in the white house that causes everyone to suddenly forget everything.

New York fire fighters and police officers are already forming groups against his running for anything including dog catcher. What we saw on TV in 2001 is not what was really going on in NY, the networks once again sugar-coated the events he was involved in.

He is also responsible for NY being a sanctuary city, he like Kerick love illegals. Cheap Labor.

After 9/11 both men became multi-multi-millionaires!

We don't need more people in the white house with memory problems and baggage, Move On Giuliani!

I found a fairly wonderful site for looking at a lot of different candidates.
The site has a quiz that you fill out. Once filled, it determines what it thinks is the closest match to your position. While that is useful, what I find most interesting is the site also lists issues, and how each of the candidates stands on each. It makes it an easy gauge of the fit. Sort of like a dating site, only a lot more likely to be useful.

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