Help us fight global warming

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Click here to support carbon neutral blogging.

Don't think about it, just click, damn you.

On a related note, the more traffic we receive on this blog, the less time I will have to drive around town in my truck sightseeing. So put us on your blogroll, visit each day, send out links to our articles via e-mail and you'll be helping to save the Earth. Thank you.

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Robert Stacy McCain said:

Thanks for doing your part, Joe. I thank you, and Gaia thanks you.

Here's to meta-equilibrium, fellow biomass!

Loudoun Conservative said:

It's a beautiful thing. I must say that I really feel so much better about the time I spend reading blogs knowing that you are organic, Joe. And to know that you are part of a world-wide network of carbon-neutral bloggers makes me feel just a little better about my fate as part of the human virus that infests this green planet which never had us in mind and would be so much better off without us.

Ultimately, we must hope, all bloggers will eventually unite on a common wavelength to draw the entirety of the human race together for the sole purpose of instantaneous mass suicide, at which point the universe will be perfect once again.

jacob said:

Being the intellectual inferiors of all libs, can us conservative watch the libs suicide first? Then, once again, having learned from our betters it can be our turn. Really.

Really really.

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