Interview in the 28th state senate race

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Interesting read over at Virginia Virtucon with a candidate for the John Chitaxer's seat (Stafford, Spotsylvania and a couple other localities). I disagree with Jon Myer's view on smoking bans as he does not seem interested in protecting property rights of business owners, but he seems all right otherwise. I don't know much else about this race or his primary opponent John Van Hoy, but it's an important seat so let's hope we get the strongest conservative nominee.

Anybody live over that way and following this race more closely?

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John Van Hoy is the Conservative. He had the cajones to challenge Chichester. The other candidates are following in his wake and at the behest of the tax and spend RINOs.

The Duke of my own house said:

I track it. Myers seems to be one of those "once in a generation leaders", war hero, accomplished, educated, etc. etc. Plus, have you seen his wife?! I can tell you, he doesn't seem to be some local yokel good ol'boy with some skeevy political connections.

Bowden is Bogus said:

I'm a lifelong 28th voter. If anyone is at the behest of anyone else, it's Vanhoy by his election-rigging handler who messed up this primary to begin with and got caught by 'we the people'. This canvass will be decided by the members of the GOP as it should be, not at some secret meeting. What 'wake' exactly does Vanhoy Make to follow in?? What has he ever led in public office? What country did he help liberate again? I'm pretty sure one of the two soldiers know how to lead others and our party on to victory in Richmond better than he. Between either of those two, I'm going with the US Marine Officer, John Myers, but I'm sure the Yankee is an okay fellow too.

Jim said:

I've personally now met all four candidates at a forum in the Northern Neck. I was not surprised by, but very disapointed with Chichester's pick. He pretty well said that he would raise taxes as a solution to most problems, and that he was NOT pro-life. Easy math for me as a conservtive voter. If I had to pick from the remaining three STafford fellows, I was most impressed with Jon Myers. He has my vote on the 19th of May. I recommend every voter call these guys and ask some tough questions. Myers had the answer I was looking for hands down.

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