Jeanne West Campaign Kick-Off

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Jeanne West, Democratic candidate for Sterling District Supervisor, held her campaign opener on Saturday here in Sterling.


I was fortunate enough to get to speak to her for awhile, and Jeanne seems like a very nice and intelligent woman. She is a longtime resident of Sterling and is keenly aware of the issues that local residents are facing. I asked what she thought about "zoning" problems and she immediately mentioned "overcrowding" as a major issue.

In her speech, she indicated that solving the overcrowding problem in our community should be a priority.

She should, because she and I live within blocks of each other and we are both seeing the same problems.

Her speech was short on details about how to fix the problem, and the expected denunciations of Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio failed to account for the fact that Delgaudio was personally responsible for enacting stricter rules in the County regarding how many people can live in a dwelling.

I think Ms. West is sincerely interested in solving the problem, and she ought to acknowledge that the current Supervisor is the only one so far to do anything about it. I also think Ms. West is going to run into a buzzsaw within her party if she intends to propose implementing stronger enforcement of local zoning laws.

This will be a very interesting race. Ms. West clearly understands there are problems in Sterling Park. She also needs to understand that the other eight members of the Board of Supervisors do not seem to give a rat's patoutie about Sterling Park and are perfectly happy to let Sterling Park go to the dogs. Supervisor Delgaudio has been our advocate so far.

Is Ms. West willing to be such an advocate?

I should also mention I have met Ms. West's husband, Willie. We served at the polls "across" from each other last November at the local elementary school for several hours, and we shot the breeze much of the time.

Willie, as far as I am concerned, is a great guy. We talked about numerous issues, including illegal immigration. In the course of our conversation I kept thinking there was little difference between us except for the "R" and "D" after our names.

From my personal interaction with each of them, I can't say I could ever dislike Jeanne or Willie West. I wonder whether they understand that Eugene Delgaudio is on the same side of the important issues, and that Eugene has been doing what Jeanne says she plans to do.

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Anonymous said:

Hope she didn't blow her budget on that sign.

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