LCRC New Call Same As The Old Call

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After a short discussion which was by all accounts not nearly short enough, but was, on the plus side, largely inaudible, the Loudoun County Republican Committee voted to approve a new Call for a June 9 convention, banishing from memory and the history books the old, outdated, slightly risque and, frankly, evil original Call for a June 9 convention.

According to the new Call, there will now be a ... June 9 convention.

But seriously, some major modifications required by the crack legal team of the Republican Party of Virginia were enforced and implemented in the new Call, resulting in a Call so far superior in every way that I will personally celebrate by leaving my front door unlocked and my wallet sitting open on the porch overnight just like we could do in the old days. Because I think the RPV may have just saved us from ourselves and ushered in a new era for the community.

The new Call is modeled strictly according to RPV guidelines. To wit:

- The word "Call" shall heretofore be capitalized.

- The date "June 9, 2007" shall be expressed in the traditional format as "June 9, 2007," rather than according to Julian numeration as 2454261 despite the obvious difficulties this poses for programmers.

- The pledge required of voters and delegates shall not require they renounce any previous affiliation with the Democratic Party, but simply require them to "act surprised" if at any time in the future it is brought to light that they are, in fact, Democrats.

So I left the meeting, I'm sure like everyone else, grateful for the paternal oversight of the RPV and confident that organization is worth every penny I am sending them.

The key question of the night was whether to approve the new Call and have the previously agreed-upon June 9 convention, or consider some totally different method of selecting candidates such as a "fire house primary," in which the candidates don raincoats and boots and the voters get to take turns at the firehose: last candidate standing wins.

The ensuing debate - which I will now recount for those who were there because as far as I could tell everyone who was sitting more than ten feet from the 1920's era sound system were all doing crosswords or playing gin rummy - was the typical "the fire house thing is better because it is funner and brings in more voters" vs "the convention is better because we all love each other more when it's over." Yadda yadda yadda.

This discussion was interrupted by a new motion to allow the vote on the above to be conducted by paper ballot so no one would feel intimidated by the Delgaudio mafia, but with the RPV rep watching everything like a hawk it was generally agreed that introducing a new document into the process might easily result in an infraction getting the entire assembly sent off to some gulag in the boondocks section of the state for re-education, which would result in Loudoun Insider having to reveal his true identity, which would mean the end of the current age.

Even though Republicans, we're in no huge hurry for Armageddon, so we decided to stick with a voice vote on this deal.

Back to the original motion to stick with the original idea of a June 9 convention: It passed by a vote of approximately 200-35.

I hate to say this folks, but the hijacking of the Loudoun County Republican Party continues apace. If somebody with a brain doesn't do something about this and soon, those "Group B" wingnuts might start to get the upper hand.

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stay puft said:

we're going to have to implement the Stardate system sooner or later

jacob said:

I agree, but lets wait until a sizable percentage of population the is off planet and terms like winter/summr et al become more abstract.

We'll have the attorneys look into this and get back to you with an opinion.

Loudoun Conservative said:

Joe, you are absolutely hilarious. That's the most fun I've had reading a convention account since the 10th CD -- maybe more.

Thanks, LC, but as you know at these wacky shindigs the story practically writes itself.

The wife always asks, "Can't we go out for a movie sometime like regular couples?" And I say, "No, honey, you'll see, this Committee meeting will be much better."

She always seems pretty disappointed at the end of the evening but I'm sure deep down inside the appreciates my participation in the LCRC and in the long run it will make our marriage stronger.

jacob said:

OK. But I thought it was the judges who rendered opinions and lawyers who chased things. Must be confused again.

One more thing, if the poor gal wanted the movies and you took here to the LCRC shindig, buy her flowers. Quickly boy!

Singleton said:

Who did RPV send?

I forget the guy's name, actually there were two of them. I'll check last month's minutes when I get home because I think it was the same guy.

Anonymous said:

Jacob, he let me leave early, which believe you me meant more than a dozen porcelinas ever could!

Linda B.

Dean Settlee said:

Funny stuff. Now, if you'd have paid more attention to the copy that they handed you, you'd have also seen the absence of the wording "I am a Republican" (which violated STATE party law), as well as the addition of the actual description of how delegates will vote (proportionally) and the time frame of certification of delegates TWO WEEKS prior to the Convention, in order that appeals may be heard and ruled on prior to the Convention (per DOJ and the Voter Act). All of these changes to Loudoun's original Call were available as an available copy and paste if the drafters of the Convention Call had actually remembered that they are SUBORDINATES to the RVP, and subject to their oversight.
Joe, if you thought this was fun, just wait till November about a week after the elections. Were you in attendance at the recent meeting in the Tenth District Chairman's office? It was pretty much spelled out for Protic there.

You da' man, Dean. Thanks for keepin' it real for the rest of us.

And just to be clear on this, from the standpoint of a regular citizen:

You are one of the thirty-five, right?

Dean Settle said:

No. I voted a proxy.
And just pretending that the meltdown of the LCRC in November is not going to happen won't actually stop it from happening. That's denial, and it seldom ends well for those who employ it.
The current myopic few in the LCRC (nowhere near the 300 you touted) have tempted the 10th District Chairman,The Republican Party of Virginia, the Justice Department, The Office of the US Attorney, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation with pending actions should they be required.

I'd say the 35 people in attendance at the meeting are the least of the group's problems.I still have a few contacts and favors owed up my sleeve that I'm holding onto in case I need them.

Dean, it was the entire friggin' room, not some "myopic few." The 35 dissenters were not a "problem" at all - who said they were?

"I still have a few contacts and favors owed up my sleeve that I'm holding onto in case I need them."

So you're going to "get" 85% of the LCRC in some way? That's kind of bizarre, Dean.

Big Al said:

It's getting harder to distinguish the RINO's from the Democrats. Isn't it the Democrats who when they lose democratically take the battle to other venues, i.e. courts.

jacob said:

Big Al,
Oh come now. The RINO's and the Dem's they are just using the alternate venue to save us from ourselves. Don't you know when someone is doing you a favor?

Dean Settle said:

Al, I am no RINO.
I have voted Republican since 1980, when I was old enough to do so.
The process of the Call that the LCRC put forth the first time was CORRUPT. The RPV said so. The Justice Dept. almost had to say so.
This reissued "leveled playing field" version is finally in line with the RPV, and as such, I sign onto it.

I'm not planning on doing anything to the others in the LCRC. That little problem will go away automatically in late November.
And EVERY process that anyone has undertaken to expose the LCRC's shortcomings would never have gained traction if the LCRC had merely dotted "i's" and crossed "t's". So don't blame those who called for the rules to be observed, blame those who stepped over the rules in the first place.
There are several more areas where the LCRC is not squeeky clean. If they clean those problems up, I lose my ammo.
But I don't think they'll put any attention to those matters, and as such, my leverage will remain right where it is. (if I even have to lift a finger after the 10th and the RPV finish with them in the post election period.)

Well, hopefully most of the GOP candidates will win in Loudoun and then we can bury all the hatchets and have a toast.

Dean Settle said:

In the real world with the voter input, public guages of how they are feeling, Dale-gate and then the Jack Ryan hitchback on this issue trying to make it about him instead of the process, the Republicans have painted their own wagon red right in front of the voters that they'll expect to carry them in the elections.
Let's face it. Money doesn't win elections, VOTERS do. You have to be selling what they want, not just mouthing the words. Sadly, I'm pretty sure that the majority of Republicans is done in for November, but the real assessment of damage cannot be determined until after June 9th.

fed up said:

Corrupt?! Because we do not want Democrats voting in our primaries?

A Democrat friend from Arlington had a good laugh at the claim by Dean Settle and his twenty friends that use of a convention indicated a lack of commitment to diversity / fear of the unknown / sellout to evil developers.

Arlington's Dems, and apparently other units as well, use conventions for selecting their candidates.

Jim Rich, 10th Congressional District GOP Chair, was elected at a convention, albeit one marred by Rich's commitment to keep the 10th his personal plantation.

What's good for Jim Rich and the Dems is good for us, or maybe they are controled by evil developers too?

Dean Settle said:

What should be funnier to him is how the Justice Department, the FBI, the US Attorney and the IRS and a few others have been kept pretty busy by this Republican Committee.
Corruption abounds.
The only way that they can keep power is to keep a smaller cabal with every passing year.
(sure there are 200 in the committee, but there are several hundred thousand people in Loudoun who have noticed that they are ...."odd")
If you hadn't noticed, THEY are the ones handing the county to the Democrats, not us. In these times, they should be more welcoming, more honest, and definitely quicker to get rid of anyone of them that breaks the law.

Don't worry about me and my "twenty" friends.

Worry about the actions that REQUIRED the agencies to launch investigations. Worry about the RVP (of which you are a SUBORDINATE) removing the LCRC's status like they did Manassas Park.
If you don't put in a great show in November with the losers you've picked, me and my "twenty friends" will be laughing all the way to the Mass Meeting to take back this Party from the current cabal.
At the rate these clowns are going, that's a promise.

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