My returning salvo

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I don't know if this fits into the sizing that you said we needed, but I put this together this morning. I suck at banner making, and hopefully, Fred will actually get into this race soon so someone who knows what they're doing will make a banner.

UPDATE: I did steal Mason Conservative's banner. Guilty as charged.

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Ron said:

IMAO has interesting commentary that you all should like:

Chris said:

You stole my Fred Thompson banner!!!!


Feel free. Lets get the word out and make sure this guy gets in it!

Singleton said:

They say theft is the sincerest form of flattery.

Chris said:

I demand resitution. I'm going to find a high-price trial lawyer, and sue you because my feelings were .. . .

Whew, sorry there, a liberal poltergeist had taken hold of me ther for a sec.


BTW, you guys should check out his awesome post on RedState about Iran.

This guy is for real.

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