Not Larry Sabato Wars

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The current NLS saga, for those thus far untouched by flash burns, revolves around a Virginia Virtucon post which Don Ben found objectionable and which incited the Don to strike VV from his blogroll.

As Blog Fu and others have since noted, the original VV post was really quite sensible.

Basically, Riley of Virginia Virtucon argued the VA Tech killer seemed to be under the influence of radical leftists and Don Ben said, this is an inappropriate argument at this time. Right Wing Liberal then pointed out that the South Korean leftists are, indeed, freaks, and the VA Tech killer might reasonably be assumed to have been in that camp.

Pointing out the ideological connection is not so crazy, in the overall context of this big old crazy world we live in.

Be all that as it may, the question of who is right and who is a freak is one we will likely argue for months to come. Life, death, guilt, innocence, friend, foe, God, Satan: So much remains to be sorted out.

Of immediate, momentous importance, however is that one lingering question which chills our souls: How will this impact the links to my blog?

(continued below the fold)

NLS, as every blogger knows, arranges his blogroll in descending order according to grades of metal. We at NOVA TownHall began, as most do, right at the bottom as "Dirty Undefined Alloy" and for this we were most grateful.

Months later, on the night we finally graduated to "Tin," we NVTH bloggers each brought our grandparents and entire extended family to the Washington Hilton for a glamorous soiree at which then-Senators Orrin Hatch and Arlen Spector were the masters of ceremony. Time moved pretty quickly after that, and before you could say "suck up" we were firmly ensconced in Don Ben's "Bronze/Silver-Plated-Nickel-Commemorative-Medallion" level, which I assume is where we would always remain, were we not to step on the the Don's toes by refusing to erase VV from our blogroll, as we are currently refusing to do.

It is not so much a matter of agreeing wholeheartedly with VV's Riley - although he is one of our blog friends. And it is also not so much a matter of wanting to tweak Ben Tribbet - although such a prospect is somehow enchanting.

It's really all about truth, decency and rationality. What VV wrote was edgy, but it made sense and was not an irrelevant comment on the confusing situation facing us. Why was the killer such a freak case? It's a question worth asking and VV tried to answer it.

NLS' attempt to squelch the discussion was also not necessarily irrational at the time considering the immediate emotional reaction, but one has to assume in retrospect Ben sees it as silly. If we can't speculate about the reasons for the 32 people getting murdered, then what is worth speculating about this week?

Where does it all end up? It would take a lot for me to do something as drastic as dropping someone from the blogroll. Blogging is part citizen journalism, part diary, and part raging on the heath. I cut a lot of slack to those I've identified as Good Guys or at least Tolerable Guys, and I hope they will do the same for me.

Therefore, I'm going to keep Not Larry Sabato on our blogroll.

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HAHA, an amazing post!

Don't worry. NOVA Townhall is on Virtucon's blogroll at the Senatorial level.

Thanks guys, and if at some point this helps propel us to "Chief Assistant to the Undersecretary of the Interior" Level, it will have all been worth it.

jacob said:

Once that happens, and have achived your sub-asistant to the assistant cabinet poistion, can we make zimzo the court jester?

jacob said:

Once that happens, and you have attained your sub-asistant to the assistant cabinet position, can we make zimzo the court jester?

Why wait? I think he's earned the title already.

I'm picturing something with a clown suit and conical hat. Is there a Tarot card for "The Fool?" That would work.

It is apparent that Ben sees this issue as a 'dagger' at the heart of Liberalism...

I trust his political accumen..

Now the left is mad because you guys are saying that Leftist mantra for lack of a better term played a role in his psyche in these killings...

Well, what is the difference with the Left using 'global warming' as an issue that cuts to the heart of our capitalist economy, and it has driven some people to burn down ski resorts in Colorado?

This is known as eco-terrorism.

Ben is right, burning down a hotel, and no one gets hurt besides the insurance company, and property owner, is small potatoes to the electorate, but not murdering 32 people...

That is a big deal!

zimzo said:

Wow. You guys believe liberals are to blame for the Virginia Tech Massacre and I'm the one who's a fool?

jacob said:

You really need to take a course in logic.

As an example, you write: "Wow. You guys believe liberals are to blame for the Virginia Tech Massacre and I'm the one who's a fool?"

You (continually) imply that we here who disagree with you are fools, and as such absolves YOU from being a fool.

That is faulty logic. The fact that you are a fool has nothing to do with us. It is just your pathetic state.

Joe can mail you the tarot card, I can send you the hat. Jack will want to send you those pointy-curly shoes. As for the bells, well ...

zimzo said:

That's really logical, Jacob. Because you call me a fool I am a fool. I guess if you call me a zebra I'll have stripes.

jacob said:

Actually zimzo, being labeled a fool is different than being labeled a zebra. Being a fool involves behavior. Being a zebra involves DNA.

You have thus committed a second logical faux pas, by comparing apples to oranges. Your behavior is something that is observed, and as such can be qualified. Calling you a zebra is a blatent non-sequitor.

However, if you really want to be a zebra, I'd say your half way there because at this point you are the biggest jack-ass on the site.

zimzo said:

There was a time when you at least tried to present an argument, lame as it usually was. Now you just sound like Jack. Calling me names and comparing pro-choice advocates to Nazis in another thread is pretty pathetic and just makes you look bad.

jacob said:

Heal thyself. Really. W/o sarcasm or rancor I say this. Take the following three to heart:
1. you do not answer questions, that is a form of dishonety
2. you yourself are nastilly sarcastic, most of the time
3. you never acknowlegde a fault

hey, in my last few posts toward you, I was being obtuse, intenttionally so. I got your attention, that is good. If I see some evidence of 2 out of three above, then I will see you as an honest player again. Right now, I don't. There this old saw about reapping what you sow. I would prefer it to be different.

As for the Nazi thing, I have no regrets, it got the point across. There are some telling similarities, I could have just as easily used the dehumanization of the negro in past centuries to justify slvery and segragation/aparthied.

The first step in treating another inhumanely is to dhumanize them. And so the fetus suddenly was no longer a 'human fetus', just a fetus. A lump. Marshmallow was only half right.

Jack said:

Zimzo, whether you are or are not a fool has no bearing on whether another is being foolish.

Furthermore, you are hardly one to advise people on what makes them look bad.

Hmmmm. I retract that. You are an expert at making yourself look bad.

Now, to the subject at hand. Cho was clearly insane. Liberalism is a mental disorder. However, that does not mean that liberalism was necessarily Cho's mental disorder.

zimzo said:

Well, now you've lost my intention. If you think there is nothing wrong with comparing those who honestly disagree with you to Nazis, then there is no point in having a discussion with you.

Jack said:

Why don't you explain it to us, O Sophomoric One?

jacob said:

Ah zimzo, you are a gem. Method is method. If you don't like the link in behavior that I have drawn, then don't kill the messenger. either refute the link, or change your position. The dehumanization of the unborn is a fact. The 1M abortions per year is a fact. Your position is to support this activity. Your argument is to run away. At least Marshmallow is making an argument. I respect him for that.

Jack said:

Zimzo, you see, is allowed to compare the desire to close the borders with the racism of past generations, but Heaven forfend we should compare their actions to those of the National Socialists.

Kevin said:

Jack, seriously, your argument with everyone aside, it's pretty insulting when you call liberalism a mental disorder. I don't mean it's personally insulting so much as your intention. If you truly do not mean to insult, and instead mean to state fact, then unfortunately your facts are wrong. You'll agree, you won't be able to find it in the DSM-IV-TR. Possibly in the new DSM set for release in a couple of years, but unless you're one of the incredibly rich psychiatrists that gets to sit on the board of the APA and you have an inside scoop on what's coming because some drug company paid you to say it, well, then you're just being insulting on purpose.

Now, go about your argument.

Jack said:

If liberals did not so frequently demonstrate their insanity, I wouldn't feel compelled to point it out.

stay puft said:

everyone knows that the DSM is written by LIBERALS!

Jack said:

Quite true, puffalump. I heard they removed pedophelia from the list of mental diseases. Is that true?

jacob said:

You also dodged the whole response to 'you want to tell me who to be'. My response is the guv'mint tells people who to be regarding smoking, driving, drinking, raping. looting etc. Why is this ANY different? Better yet, why do you THINK this one issue (murder of the not yet born) be treated differently?

jacob said:

I do realise that some of the dodge may have been due to your 'having a moment', four or six comments back up.

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