NOVA TownHall Presidential Wars Begin

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Just as Singleton has thrown his lot in with the Fred Thompson camp, I have now staked my position on the left sidebar, hitching my star to the Duncan Hunter juggernaut.

If the Sing-meister can come up with a nice, 150px wide graphic and link for his man, I will be happy to post it on the sidebar as well.

This will be your classic youthful exuberance vs age and treachery fight to the death. Let the chips fall where they may.

UPDATE: I am not giving up on Tom Tancredo, by the way. It's nice to have an abundance of good candidates. Tancredo is just a little behind in the graphics department.

UPDATE II: There are a number of Duncan Hunter images available, but I chose the one where he just finished smacking us in the side of the head. Because that's what America needs right now.

UPDATE III: Geez, by the time Singleton gets back online there may be no room left for any more candidates! There's always room for Tom Tancredo around here, but I'm just not sure if we can squeeze that Thompson fellow in.


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Kilo said:

Two good men.
I will stick with Duncan Hunter...A ticket with these two would be huge! In my opinion unbeatable.

I like Duncan because he is talking about Jobs, Pro Military, understands the Second Amendment isn't about hunting rights!

I think he is the real deal, and most telling, the MSM won't breathe his name... That is all I need to know :-)

Kilo and Chris, something to believe in.

Had Enough said:

If you had ever heard Tancredo or ever read anything he said or wrote, you would know that he is against our jobs going to illegals, he is against illegals (and other factors) depressing wages, he is against jobs being shipped overseas, he is against outsourcing........

Had Enough said:

Since all the bull last Spring about amnesty and the marches of illegal aliens through our streets waving mexican flags and claiming we stold their land while they held signs telling the european citizens to go back to europe and the blacks to go back to africa, many citizens in this country have since forgot.

Tancredo, while not a one issue person will first and foremost make you remember the disgust you felt.

He will remind everyone of the billions and billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on these people who are now using the Civil Rights Act to plead their case.

Not Gonna Work! First they must go home! Then we will go to mexico, tie them up and bring them here, then each citizen family will be given one to own as their personal slave, maybe 2 or more depending on how many you need.

Then after a hundred years or so they can be freed and then demand their Civil Rights

No Relation said:


You could have Olin Kreutz as Secretary of State, Brian Urlacher as Secretary of D-FENCE, and Rex Grossman as the Court Jester!

I wish. I'll have to go with Duncan Hunter for now.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

I wonder what STD means by "pro-military"

Singleton said:

I'm out of town this weekened. I'll get something together Monday so save me space, Budzinski.

I'm sure I can, just as long as this guy doesn't announce, or there will truly be no more room at the inn

Puff says:
"I wonder what STD means by "pro-military""

I mean this..

Kevin said:

STD, thanks for posting that youtube clip. I don't have cable so now I know that voting for Duncan is voting for more of the same!

Had Enough said:

Did anyone hear Tom Tancredo on Terry Anderson's radio show Monday morning at midnight (Sunday night at midnight, whichever you prefer)?

If you didn't it's a shame but you can still hear it from Terry's web site. In the header click "listen to past shows." Show date 4-8-07.

I listen every Sunday night to this show, very informative. Terry will be in DC again for "Hold Their Feet To The Fire."

stay puft said:

Duncan Hunter looks like a wind-up toy in that clip.

He used the phrase "the Democrat leadership" 3 times in the first 2 minutes. What a dweeb.

Where's Bob Dole when you need him? That guy has pazzaz!

jacob said:

So you are saying Duncin is inferior in every way to the rest of the pack, from either side of the aisle?!?

Lets see ...
We have all teeth and no sizzle, let alone steak, Obama. Then there is ol' primp and pretty Edwards. Of cource Kucinich is far more dynamic. I say your side of the debate ought to nominate him. At least he does not run away from debating on Fox News when the uber-hippies at tell him to.

Then of course there is Hilary. Who is beloved by Babs Streisand. Which is a kiss of death in fly-over country. The only realy scary thing for me there is she could win. I can't take any more of the Clinton-Bush merry go round. Oh, since she also gets her marching orders form Georgie Soros, I guess she is also another spineless pawn of the Hungarian Socialist who finances But like you and zimzo always swear, moveOn and its ilk don't represent the Democrat party (note the capital 'D'), so I must be wrong.

From the right side of the aisle, personally, given the choices, I'd say Thompson if only because the last actor we elected was able to do great things (like win the cold war) despite the Democrats. He also can speak without stuttering.

Jack said:

Jacob -- Soros is backing Obama, not Clinton.

jacob said:

Clinton and Edwards are both following moveOn's instructions regarding the debates on Fox. Considering that Soros is backing Obama, I would then make it a point to defy moveOn and go debate my rivals, in the venue that is NOT to their liking. Clinton's move only makes her even more of a drone, not less. Obedience to a power that does not support you epitomizes spinelessness.

jacob said:

Just saw the clip with Duncan on MSNBC. I was impressed. The guy is more articulate than I remembered. Marshmallow is all wet here, "wind up toy" my foot.

stay puft said:

"So you are saying Duncin is inferior in every way to the rest of the pack, from either side of the aisle?!?"

Is that what I said? No. I said he's a dweeb.

You want to elect a guy BECAUSE he's an actor? Why don't you think Obama could win? Personally, I think he kinda sizzles

Jack said:

Obama and Edwards are just pretty-boys, and Clinton is riding her husband's coat-tails.

jacob said:

Obama won't win because he is a first term Senator who is further to the left (based upon his voting record) than anyone else in the running with the possible exception of Kucinich (sp?).

What is refreshing are his wife's statement's w.r.t. winning (it ain't the only thing). What I do not like is that he is liberal on many issues.

The other part about all sizzle and no steak is damning as well. The guy has never held an executive post. Running a city, state, company, or non-profit would be something we could use to gauge him on.

I like him better than Hilary, but that is damning him with very faint praise.

As for Duncan, he ain't no dweeb. If any of the Republican's running for office hold that appelation it is Romney, your choice if I recall. I imagine it is a birds of a feather thing. Considering your previous 'writings' I guess you just have sympatico towards a fellow nerd.

jacob said:

As for the actor ...

Considering what a politician really is, you want to make a point? Hilary is one big show. To top it off she is bad at it. Her husband could go to hollywood and get Oscars. Blow Brad Pit, and the other pretty boys off the map

Acting is a big part of politics. Having a sense of right and wrong is part of the job decription for ANY human activity. This is where Bill falls real short.

Being really smart helps, but we have had some very book smart presidents (Taft, Carter) who performed abysmally in office. I guess street wise is a better virtue.

Granted the last actor was govenor of CA for a spell. Not just a Senator.

stay puft marshmallow man said:


there are so many things wrong about your last two posts that if they were pictures they'd be the cover of a Highlights magazine

Highlights?! HA! Brings me right back to age 11. Great cultural reference.

jacob said:

I assume you mean comments. I remember Highlights too. I remember doofus and gallant. I won't bother to say which one you remind me of.

As for whats wrong, go ahead. You've never been bashful before. I know a lot of whats in the two comments above is tongue in cheek. If that confuses you ... well ... good!! My work here is done.

Jack said:

Ooooo. You confused Puffalump. That's sooooo hard. :-)

stay puft said:

Ha! This time I was the one being tongue in cheek, and yous guys fell for it hook-line-and-sinker!

I win!

"Running a city, state, company, or non-profit would be something we could use to gauge him on."

yeah, you found that gauge real useful when you voted for failed businessman bush twice in a row, didn't ya? called him the CEO president, didn't ya?

you wouldn't vote for Barak Obama in a million years.

you would vote for an actor, because "republican administration" is just a fancy way of saying "PR firm" anyway. I like those western actors, though. They really understand right n' wrong on account of the roles they get to play. Bush is even better than an actor though. He's the real deal, huh? Just an all american cowboy out huntin' evil-doin' injuns. ...and Rove the architect has employed one piece of cowboy architecture brilliantly: the false-front facade!

...and I meant "posts" as in, "some folks are as dumb as posts"


Jack said:

Bush was a successful governor, and worked with an opposition party that was willing to work with him. The Congressional Democrats are not willing to do that. Pelosi is willing to talk to President Assad, but not to President Bush.

Jack said:

BTW, I prefer Governor Thompson to Senator Thompson.

jacob said:

"I win"
LOL you are also three and a half years old.

Tommy Thompson, Bush, Reagan were govenors of states and did a good job while in office. "I win" OK, go pick up your rubby duckie for winning the "biggest doofus" award. Sheesh. I guess I asked for it by going tongue in cheek on ya, always brings out your inner child. I formally apologise for tempting you do go off the deep end, AGAIN.

As for voting twice for him when the choice is between dumb and dumber, or as it was, Bush v. Kerry or Gore, then answer is, "Hell yes." As dumb/bad/pitiful as you say Bush is those two jokers would have been far worse.

I remember those excrebal "debates' with the 7 dwarves on stage. What crap your party put on the air waves. Where was the debate? It was a two hour "No, I hate Bush more than you do" contest. Which is another word for pissing contest, with the dummies in the Democrat party (note the capital 'D') eating it up.

As for your mind reading and pitiful "you wouldn't vote for Barak Obama in a million years." if the choice was Hilary or Obama, I'd take Obama. I'd take him over Pelosi OR Kucinich. The last one being a toss up v. Kucinich and hands down v. the Hilary, and Pelosi, two pinheads. Also Obama would win v. Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, and Schumer. Let us not forget good ol' Dobbs. Obama would be a toss up with Specter, just because that dope is a total RINO and McCain style wannabe maverick in a big way.

"you would vote for an actor, because "republican administration" is just a fancy way of saying "PR firm" anyway" And with the Clinton Whitehouse it was above board? Bwaaaahh! You are sooooooo damn funny!! I can't take it, LOL. You should take this pile on the road and do Vaudville. I love it!

"...and I meant "posts" as in, "some folks are as dumb as posts"
I am more than guilty there, difference is I know it, and you don't, oh great and mighty intellectual.

and finally, your sophmoric ...
Spitting again? Well I guess there were not any soldiers around so you could not contain yourself any longer. Go to your room till we call you back to the table, and are ready to act like a human being. 3 1/2 years old, indeed. Might be a bit mature, considering that last bit.

stay puft said:

ah ha! Can't handle a taste of your own medicine, huh?

no wonder you're a nut:
Bush the Outsider! Bush the Successful Governor!

oh Jacob,

either my tongue in cheekiness hit a nerve, or SOMEBODY hasn't had their nap.

I know how much you love being "tongue in cheek," I know you fancy yourself the king of on line humor, and I'd hate for you to get the impression that I'm a pretender to your throne.

...but since your expressed intention is to confuse me, and mine is to make your head explode, I'd say any meaningful discussion in this thread has ended.

Were you even responding to my post, or were you just trying to see how dumb you could make yourself look?

sophomoric spitting? On the contrary, my sitting is highly sophisticated and ceremoniously - I spit in the great tradition of the American cowboys and the actors who portray them.

"you are also three and a half years old"
-Everything Jacob Says Is Wrong # 3x10^66:

Yahoo Chess: I'll take you any time, any place. and I don't even play chess, fool

zimzo said:

I think this entire thread is excrebal.

I think it's increbbible

Jack said:

Puffalump -- I'll take you up on that chess game. What's your handle?

Better yet, the GMU Open and the Springfield Open chess tournaments are coming up. Shall we meet there?

(I would invite you to the Arlington Chess Club, but the meetings are on Friday evenings, when I am in Japanese class.)

BTW, Jacob is a tough player, too.

jacob said:

"Were you even responding to my post, or were you just trying to see how dumb you could make yourself look?"
Let just say i took it too far.

"I spit in the great tradition of the American cowboys and the actors who portray them."
as did you

Chess? Maybe. I usually prefer to play over a beer. Kinda hard to do over the net.

stay puft said:

ok ok

jack, why Japanese?

Jack said:

My customer is the Japanese Military.

zimzo said:

I was wondering who taught the Japanese military these cool moves. Now I see it was you, Jack.

jacob said:

Jack should take dancing lessons.

Jack said:

It's a living.

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