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Nancy Pelosi's 'great' adventure is a wonderful example of the lefts naivete toward the thugs of the world. This is an old trend. The first example I can think of was when a reporter for the NYT's back in the 30's wrote glowingly of the Stalin's regime, while wading through the dead bodies of millions of Ukrainians; fake but accurate indeed.

James Earl Carter is poster child for those who rub elbows with despots in order to attack one's own country. He was part of that smashingly successful program started back in the 90's to stop Kim Jung Il from building nukes. We all see how well that turned out; of course you know it's Bush's fault.

The wonderful part in all this is that the people whom the American left distrusts the most are their fellow Americans. When the Castro's of the world blather away, each word is consumed but not questioned. The Carter's of the world then speak of the Cuban health care system in glowing terms. What farce. When a conservative speaks of anything, 'code words' are looked for. What is the vast right wing conspiracy really saying now?

As a conservative, I am under suspicion by all the right people. So why believe me when I say Nancy Pelosi broke a US Law by doing what she did? Why believe me when I say that she, in a time of war, is making amateur-hour foreign policy? I am not going to get into what motivates her in this foolish endeavor. Discerning motivation is the domain of the left wing of American politics.

I will note what people who are Syrian, refugees from the Ba'athist regime there, have to say about Red Nanny's visit. The RFS writes on their site, "For Nancy Pelosi to cajole with Assad, who has facilitated the killing of American soldiers, is a travesty." These same people go on to note, "Regional intelligence services and inside sources from within Sunni officer corps opposed to the Assad regime have identified major foreign-fighter training camps in northern Syria and just outside Damascus overseen by Syrian Military Intelligence and run by former Iraqi Ba'athi Generals…" Since the Reform Party of Syria is not a communist front, it also must be viewed with suspicion by all the right people.

Nancy dearest is making kissy-face with a regime with which we are at war with by proxy. Dialogue, outside of sanctioned channels is actually a violation of law. I will not delve into Nancy's motives. Her behavior is foolish and criminal. I will leave it at that. It is a shame that the Republicrats in Congress do not have the guts to call her onto the carpet for this despicable.behavior.

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Drudge says she is going to Iran next.

jacob said:

We can only hope. I've seen better heads on glasses of root beer. Go Nancy go. I think she ought to do a complete tour of all the Thugocracies. Then peace will break out all over the world and we all can sing Kumbaya together.

Had Enough said:

She is disqusting! I presume that she thinks her "Break Bad, I'm Going To Do What I Want To Do" is showing authority.

She is only showing her ignorance and that politicians are doing what they want no matter how it dangerous or stupid their "Power-Play" is.

I wonder if she has made an appointment to visit castro yet?

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