Tom Rust Talks Illegal Immigration Legislation and More

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Wow. Eileen at VB Dems just hosted a fantastic live blog with our Delegate Tom Rust, who provided interesting, thorough responses to tough questions. He also taught me a few things about some of the legislative initiatives we followed here during the last session.

It will only take 5-10 minutes to read the whole thing; go check it out.

More Tom Rust info available here.

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eileen said:

Thanks for the shout out, Joe, and thanks for your questions. I had a busy day today. I also met with Sen. Stolle and talked to him about immigration issues. I'll hopefully have something posted on that meeting up over the weekend.

Nice work, Eileen. I look forward to seeing the Stolle stuff.

Tom Rust was glad to live blog for the Dems, I'm sure. He couldn't have won the GOP canvas against Steve Whitener without their support.

When someone held up a "Republicans Only, Please" sign, amongst the other posted signs, his second wife and his campaign manager did everything they could to get the sign down, including having two young ladies who pulled up in Tom's company truck stand in front of the sign.

There's nothing Tom likes more than raising taxes. Talk social or second amendment issues with him and he's got that "who cut the cheese" look on his face.

I expect that Tom will switch parties at some point, as he is, operationally, already a Dem.

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