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Although I appreciate all of our readers who comment, even the crazy ones, I've wanted to discuss something for a long time.

We have to be one of the most conservative blogs in Virginia, but our regular readership seems to tilt to the far left. It seemed to begin when Soph and the rest of us started to push the Marriage Amendment last year, and the Equality crowd moved into our little blogging neighborhood and never left.

Don't get me wrong. I love you guys and don't ever leave, but I'd love to hear if anyone else has noticed this. Maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

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stay puft said:

My first discussion here was with Joe, on immigration back during hr.4437

'twas technorati that brought me to this intriguing lost tribe!

charles said:

Us lefty's just like your tiny comment entry boxes.

Oh, you mean "left-wing", not "left-handed".

Never mind :-)

eileen said:

Did John Grigsby used to blog here?

Grigsby is the blogfather, in the sense that he initiated the nova townhall meetup group back in 2003 or 2004 and was there for the evolution into an online entity after meetup.com started charging.

We were meeting with the townhall.com people when the idea of creating a blog came up, so he and I got it started - though he never actually has done any blogging, I think he was responsible for recruiting the members who over time sometimes became co-bloggers.

Once we started getting more than 30 hits a day John largely backed out to work on other things and he has not had a lot of input.

He, for instance, I think had some severe reservations about Amnesty Week, but as well all know it was a roaring success - thanks to my mysterious, innate, inexplicable ability to relate to liberals just like regular human beings. John probably thought it couldn't be done, yet I've shown it clearly can.

Advantage: Budzinski

But Grigsby has so many notches on his belt, scalps on the door post - pick a metaphor - that he was able to give me my props and let the blog take the wild course it has since taken.

As to the question about why our visitors are majority communist, I'd say it has to do with the consistently civil and cerebral level of debate here. Regardless of ideology, all good men appreciate an even-handed conversation.

Kevin said:

I came by looking in Google for a NOVA blog, read some nutjob post by Jack or Joe on immigration and found the response to any ensuing nutjob comments quite interesting. Which issue, was beside the point.

Jack said:

My nuts are bigger than yours, Kevin. :-)

Seriously, I think the mix is good. Even Zimzo makes for a good village idiot.

eileen said:

Well, if you see him, tell him "hey" from me. We used to be neighbors.

jacob said:

Having the likes of Marshmallow, Kevin, zimzo and others is a good thing. Writing in a conservative echo chamber is not the reason behind this place.

All tom-follery aside, even when I am needling the likes of Marshmallow, or rolling my eyes at zimzo I still appreciate having them there. We need voices to oppose, otherwise it is a 1984 kind of place.

Robin said:

Hmm, why are the far left here? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? LOL

Kevin said:

No sh#t, Robin. No sh%t.

jacob said:

It allows us to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't get into any real mischief. I see it as a public service. Could you imagine Kevin without adult supervision?

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