A Letter to The Senate

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As a lifelong Republican active in VA politics, I am writing to you, as the leader of our party in the Senate, to NOT support this bill.

I will leave the party if this passes. Many others will as well. If you think you can imagine you might get by on money from big business alone, think again. It is main street that walks to the polls and votes for you reprobates.

The differences between the Republicans and Democrats are fading. It used to be we were the party of values, fiscal responcibility and strong defence.

Drunken Sailors are less wreckless with THEIR money than you all have been with MINE. I can forgive that to some degree in the time of war.

We are at WAR and you are NOT securing the border, but you are letting 10 to 20M LAWBREAKERS get a free pass. So much for values and strong defence.

So where is the difference now?

You and that joke of a President will get a rude awakening when in 2008. You find we ALL stayed home, because you do not deserve our vote or consideration.

You work for us, and you appear to have forgetten that.

I. M. Republican
Citizen, Tax Payer, Voter
Soon to be Ex-Republican

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zimzo said:

With the CAPITAL LETTERS and misspellings, this letter doesn't seem crazy at all. I'm sure it will be very effective.

Jack said:

Actually, zimzo, the congresscritters never read the letters anyway. Staff peons do, and they just tally up the "for" and "against" numbers, and send back canned answers.

Since you do not mention any of the points in Jacob's letter, may I assume that you agree with him?

stay puft said:

bonne chance!

Well done.

2008 may be a watershed year. The Republican Party may go the way of the Whigs - bled out the base who keep principles - or not.

In Thompson (the Tennessee one) We Trust?

Had Enough said:

As a super liberal in conservative clothing, bush has purposely divided the GOP.

He purposely threw the elections. He knew several weeks before that rummy was leaving but waited until the day after the elections to announce (with a snirk) that rummy was being replaced.

Liberal bush wasn't getting what he wanted from the conservative GOP and at the same time the Crats agreed with most of his agendas.

he will go to any lengths to try and get something (anything) passed.

He should be ashamed sleeping with teddy Chappaquiddick.

Our immigration problems began in the 60's and teddy was there, everytime there was amnesty, teddy was there.

teddy probably partied so hard this weekend that he was seeing leprechauns.

It won't be so much fun when he sobers up, the disgust, anger, etc being displayed nationwide will continue to be displayed.

stay puft marshmallow man said:

HE, that's so crazy!

Bush was your man, twice. The first time you were blinded by Monica, the second by GWOT. Now here we are.

but don't be trying to pawn your guy off on liberals. You can't blame us for everything! You stuffed your mattress now sleep on it.

AFF said:

Liberal Bush?

I can't decide if Had Enough is into hard drugs or just really stupid.

Has HE ever said that Bush was his/her man twice?

Kevin said:

HE will never tell, that is my guess. HE is an illusive little critter, answering what HE wants and not answering what HE doesn't want. HE! Voting record, PLEASE! Did you EVER vote for the dullard?

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