Bike Week, Part II

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Saturday, May 12

Spent the daytime watching stuntshows and a longhair band playing classic metal covers.


Doesn't look too impressive until you realize that bike is running pretty quick on a treadmill-like device


Rhett Rotten rides the wall of death


Mid-air handlebar handstand

The rest of the crew is all there by the evening. My buddy Randall from the VFW got down there with his Vietnam buddy Paul. Another friend, Mason, was with his wife Phyllis and their extended family that goes down there twice a year. We grab some dinner at a Texas Steakhouse and then split up that night. Mike and Jessie and I hit a few more places before they were ready to crash. My night shift habit had me out on the strip watching the bikes go by long after everyone was asleep.

Sunday, May 13

Went to visit with some family friends who now live in South Carolina. Good dinner, good company. Went back to the beach and met up with Randall, Paul, Mason and his crew at the Iron Gate Saloon. Ended up on the hotel balcony once again, watching the bikes and telling war stories with Randall and Paul.


Veterans: Vietnam, 2 each, Afghanistan, 2 each
Randall, Paul, Mike, and myself

Monday, May 14

I took Jessie to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede dinner theater. Not really my thing, but Jessie enjoyed it and the food was good, so I guess it wasn't a total waste of 80 dollars...

Ended up back with everyone else at the Beachwagon...this time for an actual country band instead of Mike's Karaoke.

Tuesday, May 15

Jessie had to leave so she could work the next day. Mike decides to leave earlier than planned, feeling guilty about leaving his preagnant wife at home. I do some riding and end up back on the strip watching the bikes and shooting the breeze with Mason.


What did Joe say about how early you can start drinking?

Wednesday, May 16

Breakfast with Randall and Paul, and then I start heading back to VA. In honor of the tradition, the rain hits me hard in Richmond. This storm was bad enough I had to pull off for a while, for fear of getting blown off the road. Didn't make it back home till almost midnight, and that was the end of the trip. It was just as well I left before the week was over. The second half gets incredibly crowded, and that crowd begin to get rowdy and stupid. I must have seen several thousand more bikes heading south on my way back north.

Thursday, May 17

Back to work. Remember how it felt when you were a kid and you had to go back to school after summer break? Yeah.

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Outstanding travelogue!!

No Relation said:

Thanks Joe. Get yourself a bike and join us next time! I should be back for Myrtle Beach's fall rally. In 2008.

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