Duncan Hunter in Tysons Corner, VA (audio)

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America's next president, Duncan Hunter, was in Tysons Corner tonight, where he spoke on the three key themes of his presidential campaign: National defense, securing the U.S. border, and fixing America's trade mess to ensure the "arsenal of democracy."

Youthful presidential candidate Duncan Hunter (left) takes a moment to
chat with an elderly Virginia man

The specific topics in tonight's speech (which you can listen to below the fold) were completing our missile defense program, building the border fence which has already been authorized by legislative action, and undoing the bad trade deals which have led to massive offshoring of manufacturing production and unfair advantages for other countries such as China.

Congressman Hunter's clear, specific policy proposals are a refreshing contrast to the mishmash of ideas voiced by most of his opponents. Listening to him talk, one gets the impression this is a leader and statesman rather than a politician.

This is a guy we can get behind, folks. Give a listen.

Like what you hear? Then take a moment and click this link to learn more about Congressman Duncan Hunter.

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Jack said:

Hey, Joe, who's the ugly guy with the beard?

stay puft said:

ha! nice picture

Gray looks distinguished ... keep repeating ... gray looks distinguished.

Mark Jessup said:

Duncan Hunter is head and shoulders above all the other presidential candidates, and I am sick and tired of the lamestream media ignoring this great patriot while trumpeting the lesser experienced, more liberal, more 'nuanced' candidates (who need no introduction). Duncan Hunter knows what he's talking about, he's been tested under fire, he is a true conservative Republican, and if Ronald Reagan were still with us, he would indeed say 'Win one more for the Gipper, and vote for Duncan Hunter'. America needs this man in the White House and we should not settle for less. Go Hunter!!!!

That's the spirit, Mark. He just needs a little bit of traction to get on peoples' radar. Maybe at tomorrow's debate ...?

Daniel Chapin said:

Duncan Hunter is definately the best candidate running for president. He is a patriot and a strong leader who will unify the party and whose populist views will pull in independant voters. He is also strongly pro-life so I can support him with no reservations. Go Hunter!!!

I think that Cong. Hunter has looked very Presidential. I love the guy, although he does need to lighten up.

Gave him a good, albeit unofficial, review last night.

Linking your blog.

howard o'connor said:

There has been a Capability Vacuum in the Oval Office since January 20, 1989. Duncan Hunter is the only candidate from either party who can handle the Presidency during these dire times. He is THE Capable Conservative. Not Ronald Reagan, but the best candidate since Reagan. Join me in Project Tally Ho! an all-volunteer effort to make Duncan Hunter the GOP nominee in 2008. E-mail howardoc29351@yahoo.com. Let's make it happen.

I'd like to invite you to join the new Duncan Hunter for President Group. The group was founded on August 1st and we would love to have you join us!

The purpose of this group is to:

1.) Provide a place where supporters can network in a united effort to nominate Duncan Hunter for President. This group is a Town Hall or meeting place for Duncan Hunter supporters.

2.) Provide informative resources on Duncan Hunter's positions and record on the issues in the form of news releases, online interviews and videos. We have an excellent collection of articles and online resources available for use in promoting Duncan Hunter in our Files and Links section.

3.) Provide a support group for bloggers and members who promote Duncan Hunter in other online groups and forums. We encourage you support our ?Bloggers for Hunter.? See Links section for blogger sites.

The purpose of this group is not to:

1.) Promote presidential candidates other than Duncan Hunter.

2.) Promote petitions on issues not related to the Duncan Hunter campaign.

3.) Debate other members.

The group is well moderated. Spamming and trolling, obscene language, along with flaming and personal attacks directed toward Duncan Hunter or group members, will not be tolerated.

This group is committed to supporting Duncan Hunter for President. We hope you'll join us in working to promote Duncan Hunter for President!

Join here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DuncanHunterforPresident08/

howard o'conor said:

Project Tally Ho! is a subject I would like to explain. Is that permissible? Please let me know, but beware, I am looking for volumteers in every county in this Land of Liberty.
Thank you.

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