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While I agree with Marshmallow that the Had Enough's characterization of the immigration issue and Bush's secretly being a liberal may not be entirely correct, I take umbrage with Marshmallow's nonsensical conclusion. His words as follows:

Bush was your man, twice. The first time you were blinded by Monica, the second by GWOT. Now here we are.

but don't be trying to pawn your guy off on liberals. You
can't blame us for everything! You stuffed your mattress now
sleep on it.

I love how we need to be blind to vote Republican, while it is obviously cleared eyed to go the other way. Plus, the only proper course of action when betrayed by those we voted for is to surrender. So Marshmallow let me be very clear:

1. I voted for Bush the first time because 8 years of Clinton was more than enough for me, Monica being the LEAST of it. Gore would have been four more years of Clinton, except Gore lacks Clinton's charisma, political savvy and pragmatic streak. In other words, Gore would have made James Earl Carter look good.

2. I voted for Bush the second time because his position on the War was correct. He is still correct regarding the war, the current state of affairs there not withstanding. We need to win, "There is no substitute for victory!" I think someone else said that one before, you may have heard of the guy.

The ersatz war hero you all found to run against Bush in 2004 was hailed as our saviour. This saviour knifed his comrades in the back during his Senate committee "Genghis Khan" speech back in 1972(3?). So forget about blaming the swifties, the second JFK was simply no John F. Kennedy.

It's the fault of the Democrat Party alone they could not find a real candidate, let alone a Irish named Frenchman poseur whose grade point average was lower than the idiot in the Whitehouse. Blind are we? You are the ones who are blind, blind with hate for Bush.

3. The immigration mess is something that has taken 40 years to evolve. "Now here we are." you are so right in that Marshmallow.

3.a Bush is a total idiot for his stance on the immigration issue. Why? Because it is at odds with his positions relative to pts 2 above, the social security mayhem it will create AND the whole idea that we are a nation of laws, not whims (feelings). Good intentions pave the road to hell.

3b. Bush's stand is also at odds with the conservative ideal of not buying votes with money and favors. The whole party since it came to power in 1994 has fallen into this, big time. The only reason the party did not pay a steeper penalty for violating this ideal sooner, is the guys on the other side of the aisle have a forty+ year track record of being just as bad or worse. Since taking power the Democrats have renewed their creativity in this regard with a vengeance, "the most ethical congress ever" indeed.

So in conclusion with respect to us lying in our bed, and taking it in the prone position, the heck with that. We voted these characters in, we will vote them out. How did that old hymn go? Ah yes: "We shall overcome!"

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stay puft said:

fair enough. All I'm saying (and I'm saying it to those who voted for Bush) is this guy is YOUR screw-up. I personally did everything I could to keep this guy out of office. Saying that it's the dem's fault for not running stronger candidates is ridiculous. Republicans could have just as easily have run someone else themselves. esp. in 2000. There's no American "Liberal" who EVER wanted this guy in office. 'We' knew he was an idiot 8 years ago. It's great that the other 50.1% is finally starting to see the light, but own up to it. You had your debates and your primaries and at the end you guys decided that this moron was the best guy you had. Sucks to be you, but hey...

I don't remember any serious movement from the right to keep Bush from running for reelection in 04, either. You have a nice laundry list of excuses, but I hate to say that anyone who voted for Bush TWICE must be blind, either fig. or lit.

so now if anyone's going to try to say, "Oh wait, this guy IS an idiot! It must be someone else's fault that he's the President of the United States!" all I've got to say is that's not going to fly. You asked for it, You got it. Alright?

jacob said:

Wow. As a conservative I can only applaud you decisiveness w.r.t. holding half (50.1 and 52%) of the country's feet to the fire for making, what is in you opinion, a bad decision.

No excuses. No 'the poor dear's were misunderstood and unloved.' No 'they would have performed better if they would have been given better opportunities.' No mambie pohambie 'give em another chance' Dr Spock speak.

I have goose bumbs. You sound like a conservative boy. Keep applying that kind of thinking to all other areas of the political and cultural spectrum and sooner than you can say 'Chappaquiddick' you will BE a conservative.

We may have to call a code blue for Jack.

Jack said:

"I personally did everything I could to keep this guy out of office."

I doubt that. Did you contribute all you were allowed to Al Gore, and more to the Democrat Party? Did you quit your job to join the Gore campaign?

" 'We' knew he was an idiot 8 years ago."

If he's such an idiot, how did you lose to him TWICE? By putting up even better idiots.

No, Bush is no idiot. A con man perhaps, but no idiot. But what politician isn't a con man? Hillary and Nancy, I suppose.

"I hate to say that anyone who voted for Bush TWICE must be blind...."

I doubt that, too. I suspect you love to say it. The problem is, we would be even worse off if Gore or Kerry were President. You don't think they would have proposed a similar, or worse, immigration plan? What of the judges they would have appointed?

No, in both 2000 and 2004, Bush was by far the lesser of the evils.

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