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"David Beats Goliath!"

"The Giants Win The Pennant!"

"I Don't Believe What I Just Saw!"

Whatever is your best analogy, this is the time to employ it.


Despite being out raised $348,000 to $45,000, and outspent $116,000 to $32,000 (just as of the March reports - wait till we see the next), and being on the short end of a huge advertising and last-minute direct mail effort which went essentially unanswered, Patricia Phillips wins by a couple hundred votes!!!

No news reports yet, this came on a phone call.

Major congratulations to Patricia for being the type of person whom people want to vote for once they meet her - and for meeting so many people.

Glad to see the radical extremists did not hold her back.


UPDATE: About 1,300 total votes were cast.

In the Fairfax County location, about 230 votes were cast and Patricia won by about 15 votes. I'm told the John Andrews campaign might have thought this was a strong area for them and requested the polling location in addition to the Loudoun location.

In the Loudoun (Ashburn) location the rest of the votes were cast and Patricia won by about 112.

A poll worker said the number one issue voters for Patricia mentioned was illegal immigration.

In the week or so prior to the election, right up through this morning, volunteers for Patricia burned up a lot of shoe leather distributing her full statement on the illegal alien problem - and while most of the distribution was in Loudoun the Fairfax County section was specifically covered. Some volunteers made a big difference in bringing out the radical extremist voters.

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NovaConservative said:

So exactly how is she going to beat Mark Herring with no money?

Same way she beat Andrews with no money.

NovaConservative said:

So you really think beating somebody in a general election with other candidates and issues is the same thing as beating somebody in an extremely small, ultra-low turnout 5 hour "primary" in which the only people that actually voted were committed activists, friends and family? Take a look at what the turnout numbers were when they come in.

Really? That's stunning. I thought she would win, simply because of what this was--she was better known among the people who are very active in VA politics. Among the general electorate, against a popular and well-funded incumbent? Absolutely no chance. I guarantee it. I think it would have been tough for Andrews, too, but at least he had some appeal to the average, disinterested voter. He would have at least had a chance because of transportation, which she can't even use.

This isn't the Loudoun you all know and love any more. This is the Loudoun of David Poisson, Mark Herring, and Tim Kaine voters. I'm not advocating for anybody but genuine conservatives, but sooner or later we need to start nominating candidates that can actually win out here.

Don't you think she will be able to raise some money now that she is the GOP nominee?

Andrews had a position on illegal immigration that did not say much beyond what everyone else is saying, while Phillips has a pretty well thought-out position.

Plus, people really seem to like her when they hear her talk and meet her. She does not come off as a politician but as a regular person who listens to people. That has to count for something.

NovaConservative said:

Joe, honestly, with turnout that low, I think she won pretty much with the support of Dick Black's closest supporters and little else. I don't even think it was her personality (though she is a nice lady). Andrews problem was that the people that were likely to support him didn't bother to vote--they aren't the hardcore activists.

As I said on another board, I'll certainly support her against Herring. But I don't think this race is even worth much effort--its now a non-starter. She'll raise some money, sure, but it will take a solid $400-$500,000 to beat Mark Herring and I don't think she can raise anything close to that.

I'll be more than happy to admit I'm wrong.

One other thing, Joe--I don't know exactly where you are or how "plugged" in you are, but the problem is that this really had a lot to do with the growth issue. The average voter in Loudoun is done--tired of growth, which leads to traffic, etc. Patricia aligned herself with the pro-growth at all costs forces. Andrews did not. The pro-growth at all costs forces control LCRC and are the hardcore activists. It will be the same thing with the convention--Lori Waters may not survive because she's not one of them, but all the other BOS candidates will. And I think most of them will lose also.

This is setting up going into November where the GOP will be the part of developers and more houses, and the Democrats will be the party of restraint when it comes to growth. They've already been winning elections on here on that theme, and now we've played right into their hands. As somebody who cares about abortion, cares about taxes, cares about all these other issues, I hate to see my party--our party--lose everything over growth. And I think that's exactly what is going to happen.

She'll raise money now that she is the nominee. Heck, we'd love to help her do so through the "Red Storm Virginia" project.

Loudoun Conservative said:

You make some good points, NovaConservative. Growth isn't an issue that is worth losing over. And, good Republicans can disagree on what the comprehensive plan should look like.

But, if a candidate can't attract the support of the base -- the activists, that is also a big problem -- one that can and does cost people elections. If Andrews had won, he would have had my full support. But you just said he lost because the people more likely to support him aren't the activists. If that is true -- if he can't inspire the base, then that puts him in a very precarious position -- particularly in a low turn out local election that will be won based on which party does a better job of getting its base out.

BTW, no matter how he portrayed himself and no matter what the truth is, do you really think that the Democrats would have missed an opportunity to paint Andrews with the "evil developer" brush?

Patricia doesn't have a dog in the development fight. She owns her home and that's about it. She's a nutritionist by training and small businesswoman by trade. She believes in property rights -- but that doesn't mean that you have the right to as many special exceptions as you want. It means that government shouldn't deprive any individual of her life, liberty or property without due process of law. It's in the Constitution - or at least it was until the S. Ct. eviscerated the 5th Amendment in Kelo vs New London. And, suvey data shows that 95% of the county agrees that Kelo took the country in the wrong direction.

f mcdonald said:

Thank you for posting this great news about Patricia Phillips. You go girl!!!!

I think a group of volunteers who worked for Patricia were responsible for several hundred votes, and none of these people have any idea who Dick Black is.

Dick Black and Mick Staton do not show up anywhere on the radar of the folks concerned about illegal aliens in their communities. Dick has not lately been a public spokesman on the issue, nor has Mick.


For all I know they could be allies. They had no influence on the only grassroots effort I know about.

I think "growth" will not be the main issue in November. More on this later.

Anonymous said:

Unfortunately, Phillips will not be able to take advantage of the Repbublican transportation plan. Herrings opposition to this could have been the death blow to his campaign. Now he just gets off with a free lunch on this issue. I don't care if all the Loudoun supervisors oppose this plan it would have been a big winner for any Republican because we did not raise general income taxes and gas taxes while still getting a comprehensive plan.

I certainly hope Phillips can pull off a major upset but how can she make a point that she would be different that Herring when both opposed a plan that is very popular.

Jack said:

Funny, but no-one was saying that Webb couldn't win when the turnout for the Democrat primary was pitifully low.

Anonymous said:

"95% of the county agrees that Kelo took the country in the wrong direction"

....and 99% of the country doesn't have the ability to read a SCOTUS decision, let alone understand it- most rely on Pundit's monosyllabic regurgitations

If this lady is hanging with the "CPR" GOP crowd she loses- big

Wait a sec ... Andrews IS a developer. He, not Patricia, had the support of the Til Hazel types.

Isn't the fact that Andrews had such a war chest some indication of where the development community was in this race? I haven't seen such a big win against big money since the defeat of the developer/John Andrews-backed regional sales tax referendum.

Do the dems and disgruntled weenie Republicans who post here anonymously just make this stuff up as they go?

Way to go Patricia!

Dean Settle said:


Mischaracterizations are a little dishonest....especially coming from you.

Andrews put up less houses in the county in the last 4 years that sit on one block in that district. He operates right around those people and the neighbors of those houses.
He pays taxes here, he employs people here and he buys material here.
Andrews is so far removed from being a "big box developer", that it;s funny (and weak) that you even point it out.

The developer's who latched onto the far right social conservatives in the party will be it's undoing. The ONLY hope that exists beyond November (which is already toast in Loudoun)is to drive the wedge between the so-called "property rights" (believe me, most voters know the difference between real property rights discussions and your brand of assinine misleading misnomers) and the social conservatives.
The longer the social conservatives wait to shed that weight from their shoulders, the further they sink in the voter's elections.

You can all "feel-good" about the republican grope-fest that occurred in the 33rd, but when you meet the VOTERS in November, the audience will be completely different. You WANT those Republicans there that stayed home on the 19th, and they won't come out November either.
Shed the developer luggage and the property rights crapola(yeah...right), and you begin to interest some of them again.


There are some people in this county who spend an incredible amount of time posting, under multiple names, on multiple websites, regarding EEEEEEEEEEvil developers ... and I think you know one of them quite well.

So naturally, I'd figure you'd line up with Patricia, unlike the EEEEEEEEEvil developers who are in Andrews' donor list. Here are some I picked out quite easily.

William M. Soltesz (developer, and you know him - I don't need to elaborate)

Capretti, Michael (builder of the year, according to

Bowman Consulting - Developers - see

Bruen, Michael - he's on Bowman's Board of Directors, according to

Wrench, William B("Real Estate Investor, Self-Employed", according to this document, where he is listed as a patron with Willliam A. Hazel of a forum -

Dietze Construction - Dean, what's that second word in their name .... begins with a "C"

Nabil Assaad, developer of property in/near Hamilton, as is John Andrews, coincidentally -

James Ramzy - actually, he isn't a developer. He's just a long-time realtor.,+va%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=3&gl=us

He also gave $1,500 to the DNC according to

.... good man. Gotta keep those options open.

Paciulli Simmons & Associates Ltd - here's their portfolio of work for residential projects, starting with ... Broadlands -

I notice that Ben Weber donated an incredible $14,250 in in-kind services to developer John Andrews.

Is Ben really able to make that sort of contribution, without some "help" later on?

Could you please tell me what developers bankrolled Patricia's campaign? I can't recognize a single name.

Thanks for your help, as you are undoubtedly more up on this than I.

ps - I love developers, even if they love John Andrews. The more housing options for families the better.

Eric the 1/2 troll said:

"There are some people in this county who spend an incredible amount of time posting, under multiple names, on multiple websites..."

That is quite an ironic statement coming from you John...uh, I mean Tom...

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