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Fred Thompson Facts: best thing I've seen today.

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zimzo said:

You guys are so desperate for a real man in your lives. It's kind of gay. And I mean that in a good way, of course.

Singleton said:


I will refer you to the last one linked on MC as proof for your claim:

While he is opposed to gay marriage, Fred Thompson is very compassionate towards gays since, in comparison to him, every man is a flaming homosexual.

zimzo said:

Because of course a real man isn't homosexual even though I know plenty of gay guys who could probably beat you up not to mention the phony actor you're mooning over like a teenage girl.

Singleton said:

Touched a nerve, huh?

Ron said:

If you want to see more fun "Fred Thompson Facts," go to www.imao.us.

zimzo said:

Touched a nerve? Maybe I am a little touchy about the more than 3,000 people who died so that Bush could show how macho he was on that aircraft carrier when he declaered "Mission Accomplished" four years ago?

By the way, the first American soldier wounded in Iraq, Eric Alva, was gay:


His leg had to be amputated. I would love to see you tell this soldier to his face that he is not a real man.

Singleton said:

Those people died defending our freedom.

It sounds like you're the one denigrating their service, not me or the President.

Not sure why you keep on reading a blog that offends you so much. I'm sure there's some discussion on Equality *fill in the blank* where you could be whining.

jacob said:

For crying out loud, you act so damn small. The sight singleton is pointing to is a joke. It is actually a direct copy of a chuck norris sight that got put up several years ago.

As for getting ones ass whipped by a gay guy, if he looks and acts like liberache, it is embarrasing. If he is straight and looks like Barney Fife it also embarrising. However, not all guy guys are 'flaming'; everyone here knows that. So calm down and laugh a little. Especially at yourself, it is the mark of being a man.

zimzo said:

Now it looks like I've hit a nerve. I guess if your definition on "man" is "plays one on television" then Fred Thompson is your man. I just think it's funny that you guys could so easily confuse play-acting at being tough guy with the real thing. I also think it's remarkable that Jacob could misspell embarrassing twice in one paragraph. I'm capable of laughing at myself but right now I'm too busy laughing at you.

Jack said:

Ah, the stories I could tell about Jacob's spelling....

Anyway, I don't really care for this Thompson -- I prefer Tommy. I just feel like Fred should be saying, "I'm not a tough guy, but I played one on TV."

jacob said:

Your whining is the only thing that hit a nerve. Lighten up boy.

Tommy has more laurels to rest on than Fred. I still prefer Fred. I am not looking for a tough guy, I am lookin for a conservative.

This last president spends my money like a drunken sailor. I am not sure of ol' Tom. Can't say I dislike him, more of one of them itches you can't scratch.

Az four miy speling, bloe it owt yore eer

No Relation said:

Hey Zimzo...my dad can beat up your dad.

zimzo said:

Your father is gay?

stay puft said:


Good stuff zimzo

More good stuff: don't know if anyone caught Wait Wait Don't Tell Me this weekend? They gave Tancredo props for his answers in the debate to the questions, "What is your dream job?" ("president") and "What one thing would you take to a desert island?" ("a boat")

No Relation said:

Oh yeah!?! Well.. your dad's gayer than my dad, and he can still beat up your dad!

Please. I can play this childish game all day long.

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