Liberal support for President Bush strangely lacking

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Since our President is 100 percent on board with granting blanket amnesty to illegal aliens, destroying the idea of American citizenship and basically selling our country down the river, where is the liberal pep rally?

Seems like George W. Bush would be a hero of the left. How's about a little intellectual consistency, boys?

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zimzo said:

How exactly does granting citizenship to illegal immigrants, which has been done before in our history, "destroy the idea of American citizenship."

Bush is right on immigration, of course. But that doesn't outweigh everything else he has done. Most people, unlike you apparently, are more than one-issue voters.

No Relation said:

Bush is wrong on immigration, Zimzo.

But that doesn't outweigh everything else he has done.

How exactly? I can help you with that: Because it's never been given to 20 million overnight with absolutely no test of any sort.

Big Al said:

If you are not in lockstep with liberals, you're no good to them. You have to be 1) against the war, 2) Pro baby-killing and 3) pro-union, with pro bigger government (more takes, more spending) a close 4th. So unless Bush changes his positions, they will adamantly hate him.

Jack said:

Joe Lieberman went astray on only one of those issues, so the Democrat Party nominated another candidate for the Senate.

stay puft said:

I love amnesty as much as the next guy, but you'll have to excuse me if I'm a bit apprehensive of anything our president proposes

stay puft said:


FYI: grammatically, "The Democrat Party" is a poorly constructed phrase.

Jack said:

Let's see:

Republican Party -- the Party of Republicans
Libertarian Party -- the Party of Libertarians
Federalist Party -- the Party of Federalists
Socialist Party -- the Party of Socialists
Democratic Party -- the Party of Democratics?

No. That doesn't work.

Democrat Party -- the Party of Democrats!!

Sounds right to me.

Puft, you realize you are only going to encourage him if you go down that road.

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