NVTH Endorses Good Guy Ham

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Although we maintain an attitude of objectivity and independence here at the NVTH Blog, usually choosing to endorse candidates individually based on our diverse interests, I am pleased to report that the NVTH bloggers have conferred and agreed to a corporate endorsement of Hamilton 'Ham' Sandwich, Esq., for Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney.

Because of the early date this endorsement is totally unprecedented.

NOVA TownHall's Joe Budzinski said:

While the opponent offers interesting credentials, we strongly believe Ham Sandwich - particularly with a little spicy mustard - presents an overwhelmingly superior alternative.

You can go to the Raising Ham site for more info on this Ham-tastic political movement.

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Ron said:

I think we need organizations with names like "Jews for Ham" or "Muslims for Ham." LOL

For what it is worth, Ham Sandwich is made with Jewish Rye.

No Relation said:

Ham Sammich? Hilarious. Definitely got my vote for humor alone. If I only lived in that county...

Jon Wong said:

I just took a look at Greg's blog "vote Ham.." and your blog "raising Ham". Ham has promised not to go Negative. Ham lies. Ebert never Nol Prossed Chapman's case. There was some Special Prosecutor who handled Chapman's case. Same Ole porker politics..Heh, Jimbo.

Jon Wong said:

I thought better of you. You endorsing Ham's lies too?

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