Presidential debate notes

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The debate is going on right now. Tancredo looks great - "We are the last, best hope of Western civilization." - Duncan Hunter is getting no chance to talk.

Initial observation: This event is so far superior to the one conducted by the idiots at MSNBC last week that I think all Americans should come to the conclusion that MSNBC does not deserve to exist. Fox News is no great shakes, but by comparison MSNBC is cow dung.

We are getting substantive responses to important questions, and truly learning about the candidates.

I submit from this point forward all Americans should feel the same way about MSNBC as they feel about soft porn when channel surfing. Clicking in probably earns you extra time in Hell or Purgatory or whatever.

UPDATE: The geniuses at Fox News set up a wiz-bang text message vote for the debate winner and, lo and behold, Ron Paul is on top.


This would be an instance where whoever the hell is in charge should have KILLED this stupid project real quick like. It's a veritable vote for the worst project transposed to the debate. How clueless not to see this happening. Bad management.

UPDATE II: One of America's best hopes, Tom Tancredo: "If I do well in the Iowa straw poll ... in the top five ... I get catapulted up."

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Had Enough said:

Tom Tancredo is honest, passionate about his beliefs and has seen and lived first-hand the problems that the Citizens are facing daily.

He is not a multi-millionaire who caters to special interest corporations.

He does not benefit from Halliburton.

He does not benefit from cheap labor.

He does believe that laws are made to be enforced.

He does not believe that one group of people is better than any other group.

Rove barred him from the whitehouse some time ago.

I'm all for anyone that rove and the whitehouse don't care for.

Go Tom!!!

Go Tom, indeed. If the man could get a tad more press he would be a force to contend with.

Had Enough said:

The media ran the last elections. 2006 had the most biased, disgusting reporting in history.

Even Merv Griffin made a remark on a talk show after the elections that we were hi-jacked by the media. I wish I had his exact words. I wrote it down to read to someone and now I can't locate it.

With the media only reporting what one person in their organization wants reported and religious interference and lawlessness, the Citizens and have to work twice as hard to be heard and have the other candidates heard. No one should buy or advertise in the washington post.

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