"Radical", man

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Just to recap, from a John Andrews supporter::

... radical anti-immigrant groups, including Help-Save-Loudoun.

Funny, but Mark Herring has never said such a thing. Of course, the Senator has been to several of our meetings.

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Loudoun Republican said:

That was the first mailer I got from him. What's so radical about obeying the law and wanting others to do the same? Oh, forget I asked -- I guess not everyone thinks the Republican party should be the rule of law party.

It was a bunch of big developers and their lobbyists who went down to Richmond to lobby against legislation that would have discouraged illegal immigrants from coming to Virginia and penalyzed those who knowingly employ them.

And, I hear that at least one of our local "big name" developers has signs up in Mexico advertising signing-bonuses for workers who come to NOVA. Shouldn't that be illegal? Encouraging people to break the law and risk their lives doing so.

Loudoun Conservative said:

typo -- sorry, the above (4:53) comment should be attributed to "Loudoun Conservative." I mistyped but don't want to commit the blogsphere sin of misrepresenting my handle.

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Loudoun Conservative:
...typo -- sorry, the above (4:53) co

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