Reality Strikes an Anti-Gun Democrat

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It's a whole lot different when your life is on the line.

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jacob's liberal twin brother said:

That guy is going to get drummed out of the Democrat party. Who does he think he is wanting to defend himself! The government is supposed to take care of you. He should have called for the police, and then asked the tall one how could he bring him social justice.

I am sure if he spoke reasonably to the tall one, they would be singing kumbaya together in no time.

The nerve of the guy! He is getting a permit for his wife. What he needs to do is get a better gun ban enacted. That way criminals can't get the guns, just like in NY, DC, LA and all those other politically correct thinking places.

Does he want gun battles in the street. The man is insane. A loose canon.

Obviosly he does not understand the broader picture. Probably a function of his illogical belief in a higher being. He must be just confused and acting on faith instead of 'reason'.

too many hypocrites said:

Listen I am a gun rights advocate and understand all about self-defense and how important it is. That's why I wanna point out this chick's website because I think she's the biggest anti gun nutcase I've seen on the net who is trying to brainwash our kids to her way.

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too many hypocrites:
...Listen I am a gun rights advocate a

jacob's liberal twin brother:
...That guy is going to get drummed ou

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