Take Responsibility, and Be Sent to Jail...

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OK, he should not have been involved with a 13-year-old girl, but after he got her pregnant, he was trying to do the right thing and take responsibility for his actions. So he went to jail.

Meanwhile, if you opt to kill the baby, Planned Parenthood will not report you, and you can continue with the statutory rape.

Such is the "freedom" that liberalism promises.

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stay puft said:

maybe going to jail is a good for him to take responsibility for breaking the law. ever think of that?

"kill the baby" get a life


Jack said:

There is a difference between taking responsibility and punishment. Taking responsibility means doing what one can to make the situation into the best possible for all concerned, in this case NOT killing the baby, but rather marrying the girl and being a husband to her and a father to the baby.

Jail is simply punishment.

"'kill the baby' get a life"

Amusing, since the normal lib advice to a pregnant woman is "take a life."

Noonan said:

Stay puft, that is way beyond the pale. It may be amusing to you to joke about killing the baby, but it is a tragedy each and every time.

As for planned barrenhood, those complicit in covering up statutory rape should be jailed as accomplices after the fact just like with any other coverup of a crime. The abortuaries with a policy of these coverups should be shut down. If PP has such a policy nationally, (as its actions seem to suggest it does) of such coverups, THEY should be prosecuted under RICO.

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