The Weenie Wing, part 3

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[See Part 1 of the Weenie Wing series; Part 2 of the Weenie Wing series]

This is the post you have all been waiting for.

First, some background: John Andrews, for whatever asinine reason, decided to follow up his impressive direct mail blitz from yesterday - which I believe was probably sufficient to give him a huge boost going into Saturday's election - with a "letter" today bemoaning "dirty tricks" from the Patricia Phillips campaign.

Apparently she sent out a piece that referred to Andrews, whose profession is "developer," as a "developer."

I was not going to delve into this one because frankly I don't see the political angle in it. "You actually take undeveloped land and develop it for uses such as habitation and commerce - well god DAMN you man, how do you live with yourself??!" Who gives a crap if John Andrews is a developer. It's not like he's an abortionist or runs a telemarketing firm.

Patricia Phillips also pointed out his contributions to a Democrat years ago, and somewhere on the Internet (I assume) was the suggestion he was "endorsed by a pro-gay group." No citations are provided for the latter, unfortunately.

But apparently whatever Ms. Phillips did struck John Andrews as a "smear campaign" and "shameful act of desperation."

He goes on: "Your vote will also send a message to Ms. Phillips that you're tired of her dirty tricks and the extremist interest groups who are running her campaign."

My first reaction to this was, "dirty tricks?" Patricia is the mom-next-door. Her campaign, as far as I can see, is being run by her and the nice 20-year old kid who is her campaign manager. They are running a political campaign conducted at the emotional pitch height of a church-retreat kickball tournament. You can make some arguments against Patricia Phillips as the next Virginia Senator, but any complaint along the lines of ethics quickly places the accuser in the "protesteth too much" category.

That "extremist interest groups" note DID get my attention, though. One of my e-mails about lit drops and letters, sent to the local Help Save ... people, got forwarded by an apparent mole to the Andrews campaign. Could it be .... ?

Yes, it could. Read below the fold for an absolutely FANTASTIC expression of Weenie Republicanism, the Republican philosophy which killed every anti-illegal-immigration bill that came out of the Virginia House of Delegates this year, and which was on full display today as "Republicans" conspired with Democrats in D.C. to sell out the American people. This e-mail was sent out by a John Andrews supporter, and exemplifies everything that is wrong with the Republican party and might just indicate the death knell of the GOP.

This is an e-mail sent out today by a local "Republican" supporter of John Andrews:

My friend John Andrews is running for State Senate and needs our help by voting this Saturday!

John is a strong supporter of public education for our children. He is past chairman of the Loudoun County School Board, Vice Chairman of the Goose Creek District Boy Scouts and on the Advisory Committee of Shenandoah University.

He is also a supporter of the recently passed state Transportation Funding Package which, while imperfect, gives Northern Virginia new money to improve roads and mass transit. Every responsible official should be supporting this, but John's opponent, Patricia Phillips. is not! Instead she is siding with extremists and big developers who oppose the Package.

Most disturbing to me is this: Patricia Phillips - his opponent - is running as the anti-immigration candidate and has aligned herself with radical anti-immigrant groups, including Help-Save-Loudoun

I guess she wants to "help save Loudoun and Fairfax" from individuals like me, and from our families who are living the American Dream! I say let's save our communities from Patricia Phillips! The best way to do that is to come out on Saturday and vote for our friend John Andrews.

Like any reasonable person, John Andrews opposes illegal immigration and wants to work with local, state and federal officials to fight gangs and make sure we resolve the illegal immigration problem in a responsible way.

Unfortunately, John is being attacked by the extreme wing of the Republican Party who are supporting Patricia Philips. He needs our help NOW. If we want good quality people like John Andrews representing us in Richmond, WE MUST VOTE this Saturday!

(Emphasis in original).

So HelpSaveLoudoun and HelpSaveHerndon are "radical anti-immigrant groups."

That will come as news to some people in the district. The HelpSaveVirginia groups are giving a voice to regular citizens who have been victimized by elitist Republicans and myopic Democrats who think they have the moral high ground by championing the "rights" of illegal aliens above those of American citizens.

Here is a challenge to John Andrews: Spend 15 minutes talking with residents of Sterling Park who have found their communities becoming less and less safe and explain to them how they are "radical extremists."

John Andrews has not refuted the accusation that HelpSaveLoudoun members are "radical extremists." As it stands, John Andrews seems to promise a back-of-the-hand to the citizens and American workers in his district.

Gee whiz, John, just when the national Republican party could not seem any worse, here you go and prove some local Republicans are ready to take it up another notch. Say it ain't so.

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Laurel Muller said:

Simply put, Patricia Phillips is right on the important issues facing Northern Virginia and John Andrews either waffles or is flat wrong. Patricia would re-write the transportation bill to, among other things, get rid of the new regional taxation it inflicts on Northern Virginians. Andrews’ literature says he “supports the transportation bill”. Patricia has pledged not to raise taxes, saying that the rising Virginia economy, and the increased taxes it brings, are sufficient to fully fund the core state responsibilities (roads, education, and public safety); Andrews has said “I don’t want to take (raising taxes) off the table.”

Andrews’s latest mailing “What you must know before voting” distorts both his record and what Patricia has said about it. He says Patricia lied when she said “Ten years ago, Mr. Andrews was writing checks to then Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Don Beyer – who was running against Republican candidate Jim Gilmore.” Fact: Andrews wrote Democrat Don Beyer two checks, one for $125.00 on 7/15/1997 and one for $2000.00 on 10/6/1997
Check the facts out for yourself at:

Patricia NEVER said John had a weak record of supporting Republicans. Those are his words he tries to ascribe to Patricia so he could then call her a liar. Bad form, John!

Andrews says Patricia slandered him when she pointed out “Mr. Andrews is praised by Equality Loudoun for his efforts on the Loudoun County School Board. Equality Loudoun is a non-partisan lobbying, education and support network for gay lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight-allied communities.” Fact: As Chairman of the School Board, John crafting a school policy on school activities that ignored community standards, limited parental control and was praised by Equality Loudoun. Check the facts out for yourself at:

You may not always agree with Patricia, but she will not try to deceive you simply to win an election. She stands for Principled Republican Values and always has.

Laurel Muller

Dean Settle said:

I grilled John on being a developer sometime back.
I asked him if he specifically :
Built more than 20 houses annually?
Bought his materials in-county?
Employed people from in-county?
Paid his business’ taxes in this county?
Lived in and around his houses, and ran into the current owners often?

Those are all of the right answers. John is actually giving back to his local community instead of sending all of the money he made in Loudoun to other states like Pulte and Tool Brothers. He pays his taxes here instead of incorporating in “tax-free” Deleware.

Phillips is backed by the Staton/Black buildout, however. So, I'm pretty sure which one the voter's will carry.

BigAl said:

I'm having a hard time understanding what the extremist position on transportation is. I recall at the debate last month, Andrews was advocating more tolls in NOVA to address transportation.

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